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"I knew it was like going up against a 5-alarm fire with a squirt gun, but I was not about to go to my grave and then on to meet my Maker and have to account for the fact that in my country's most desperate hour, I had sat back and done nothing."                        
                                                       ...Phil Tourney, USS Liberty Survivor

                                                    (regarding the daunting task of exposing the truth regarding the U.S.S. LIBERTY intentional Israeli massacre)







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The Coming Storm - Avenge the USS Liberty (Part 2)

The Coming Storm - Avenge the USS Liberty (Part 3)

The Coming Storm - Avenge the USS Liberty (Part 4)

The Coming Storm - Avenge the USS Liberty (Part 5)

The Coming Storm - Avenge the USS Liberty (Part 6)



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On June 8, 1967, the US Navy virtually defenseless intelligence ship USS Liberty was suddenly and brutally attacked on the high seas in international waters by air and naval forces of Israel. The Israeli forces attacked with full knowledge that this was an American ship and lied about it being "accidental". 34 American servicemen were killed and 174 were wounded (many were severely wounded) out of a crew of 294. The Survivors were forbidden under the strictest of orders for 40 years to tell their story to the American public. The USS Liberty Memorial web site tells their story and is dedicated to the memory of the 34 brave men who died.  Visit The USS LIBERTY MEMORIAL website.


USS Liberty (AGTR-5) receives assistance from units of the Sixth Fleet, after she was attacked and seriously damaged by Israeli forces off the Sinai Peninsula on June 8, 1967. (US Navy photo)



False Flags and Synthetic Terror

Patriotism begins with knowing who your
enemy is.

“It must be noted that men with bad instincts are more in
number than the good, and therefore the best results in
governing them are attained by violence and
terrorization, and not by academic discussions.”
...Anonymous, from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Evidently there are different types of False Flags
that have occurred throughout ancient and modern
history. The most popular False Flag is when a
government carries out an attack on its own
people, then blames it on some enemy, either
foreign or domestic, and is then justified in
attacking the falsely accused perpetrators. 9/11 is
a perfect example.

Another type of False Flag is when a government
antagonizes a real enemy into an attack justifying a
declaration of war because THEY started it. Pearl
Harbor is a for instance.


And there are the
fabricated False Flag attacks that didn’t happen at
all. The Gulf of Tonkin Incident is a for instance.

The Truth is always concealed from the public
long enough for everyone to get over it and just
move on. If the truth reveals itself a decade or
lifetime later, then it’s all water under the bridge
and what can be done? So, let’s just move on...

There is no statute of limitations on murder,
attempted murder (attempted murder is just as bad
as an accomplished murder and there should be no
leniency just because you failed at the attempt),
aiding and abetting murder, or instigating a
murder, especially mass murder.

Israeli False Flag operations go back at least to the
summer of 1954, when a failed operation, code
named Operation Susannah was conducted in

As part of that False Flag operation, a group of
Egyptian Jews were recruited by Israeli military
intelligence that planned to plant bombs inside
Egyptian, American, and British owned targets.
The bombings were to be blamed on the Muslim
Brotherhood, Egyptian Communists, and other
malcontents with the aim of creating an
environment of fear, instability and more violence
to influence the British to keep their occupying
troops in the Suez Canal zone. Israel did not want
Egypt nationalizing the Suez Canal and planned to
alienate Egypt from the U.S. and Britain who were
in support of Egypt on the matter.

The operation resulted in no casualties apart from
some of the Jewish recruits who committed suicide
after being found out and arrested.

The operation became known as the Levon Affair;
so named for Israeli Defense Minister Pinhas
Lavon who was forced to resign because of the
incident. Israel denied any complicity in the affair
for 51 years, but the surviving Levon Affair agents
were honored in 2005 by Israeli President Moshe
Katzav who presented them with a certificate of
appreciation (of all things).



The TRUE HISTORY of America's FALSE FLAG WARS -- James Perloff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ac72x6pDTiM










The U.S.S. Liberty

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not
because of the people who are evil, but because of
the people who don’t do anything about it.”
...Albert Einstein

The U.S.S. Liberty massacre or so called
“accident” occurred on June 8, 1967 in
international waters 13 miles off the coast of the
Sinai Peninsula during the so called Arab-Israeli
Six Day War.

The Liberty was a lightly armed U.S. Navy
surveillance ship (call it a spy ship if you’d like)
with a crew of 294 officers and men on board. The
Liberty’s’ mission was to monitor the military
actions taking place onshore between our ally
Israel, and their Egyptian foes.

Two hours after the Liberty arrived near the scene,
the Israeli Defense Forces sent out plainly marked
reconnaissance aircraft to identify the ship. Eight
flyovers were made over a three-hour period. A
large U.S. flag made the Liberty easily
recognizable as being American. The ship’s U.S.
Navy designation, GTR5, was plainly painted in
large white lettering on the bow.

The crew was relaxed and many off-duty crewmen
were on deck sunning themselves and enjoying the
fair weather.

Two hours later, Israeli Mirage III fighter jets
arrived and commenced fire on the relatively
defenseless ship with rockets and machine guns.
Minutes after that, a second flight of fighters,
French built Mystere jets armed with napalm,
coated the deck with flaming jelly. By now there
were dozens of killed and wounded American
sailors. Of course the ship’s radio team was trying
to issue SOS distress calls, but Israeli aircraft were
197jamming the frequencies with what U.S. Navy
communications specialists described as a ‘buzz
saw’ sound. The American flag was shot to shreds
and replaced by a larger flag.

An open frequency was finally found and an SOS
was sent to the 6 th Fleet. Twelve armed F-4s and
A-4s were launched from the U.S.S. Saratoga.
When information about the unfolding events,
particularly the part about the inability of the
Israelis to sink the ship in a timely fashion, reached
Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, he
ordered the jets to return to the U.S.S. Saratoga.
The attack on the Liberty continued with three
Israeli torpedo boats also engaging, scoring a
torpedo hit, tearing a 40-foot wide hole in the hull,
flooding the lower compartments, and killing a
dozen more American sailors. As the Liberty
began listing, rafts were lowered over the side to
facilitate abandonment of the ship. The Israeli
torpedo boats raked the rafts with machine gunfire.
It was apparent that there were to be no survivors.

After two hours of nonstop attack the Israelis
finally ceased fire. One of the torpedo boats
approached the Liberty at which point an Israeli
officer asked in English with the aid of a bullhorn,
“Do you need any help?” A wounded Capt.
William McGonagle ordered the quartermaster to
respond with an unmistakable, “Fuck you.” The
Israeli boat turned and left evidently aware that a
Russian Destroyer was arriving on the scene in
response to the distress calls. The Soviet Destroyer
offered assistance but the Liberty’s conning officer
refused it.


Unknown to the Liberty crew, there was
also a U.S. submarine, The Amberjack, in the area
on a covert mission but did nothing at all to assist
the Liberty.

Finally, after being dead in the water for 16 hours,
two American Destroyers reached the Liberty to
find 34 U.S. sailors dead and 174 wounded. Many
were seriously wounded. As the wounded were
being evacuated to the U.S.S. America an Office
of Naval Intelligence officer, Admiral Kidd,
arrived and commanded the survivors not to talk to
anyone about the ordeal or face the severest of


As it turned out, the attack on the
Liberty was a joint U.S.-Israeli operation
designated, Operation Cyanide.
The plan was: The U.S. would position a
convenient American sitting duck (The U.S.S.
Liberty). The Israelis would then sink the sitting
duck with all hands lost at sea and blame the
Egyptians. The U.S.A. would be outraged and
enter the war against Egypt and the rest of Israel’s
opponents, and a large section of the Middle East
would then be restructured to Israel’s liking with
U.S. help.

If it hadn’t been for those damn Russian commies
and their destroyer arriving and ruining everything,
the operation probably would have worked out
well, or terrible, depending upon your point of
view. Of course, within three weeks, an official
report was released describing the awful but
understandable “mistake” involving the Liberty.
“These errors do occur,” Secretary of Defense
Robert McNamara concluded.

The cover story and cover up is almost as
outrageous as the attack. I could go on about the
cover up, but the still living survivors who are no
longer disposed to shut up, can best tell that story.
Lt. Commander James Ennes relates first hand his
experience in his book, Assault on the Liberty.
Survivor, and past president of the Liberty
Veterans Association, Philip Tourney, wrote his
book called, What I Saw That Day. Tourney also
mans the helm on every Saturday on the Republic
Broadcasting Network’s show, Your Voice Counts.
He and some of the other elderly U.S.S Liberty
survivors will not let allow the lies of the
governments of America and Israel stand and will
push for the truth till they are dead.

The BBC produced a documentary about the
Liberty incident called, Dead in the Water, which
can be found on YouTube in its entirety. The
book, Operation Cyanide, by BBC investigative
journalist Peter Hounam is a must read and lays
the whole sordid affair out for you. The Liberty
massacre has never been publicized by the
censored and totally Zionist controlled American
mainstream media.

Upon learning about the U.S.S. Liberty a couple of
years ago, I posted a link on my Facebook page to
the Liberty website, <ussliberty.org>, and “asked”
my 1,200 Facebook “friends” if they had ever
heard about this incident and why hadn’t I heard of
it? Only one Navy vet offered that he had heard
something about it. Everyone else, except two
people, who responded claimed total ignorance.

Those two people immediately attacked me in the
Facebook comments accusing me of being a neo-
Nazi for posting anti-Semitic lies.

I was surprised and my feelings were hurt. I’d
never been called a neo or any other kind of Nazi
before! I have Jewish pals and had a Jewish Little
League coach, Jewish teachers, Jewish classmates,
Jewish work mates, even a Jewish girlfriend in
high school. Shall I go on? I had a Jewish uncle
(deceased) who was married to my mother’s sister.
I loved him and if there were more people like my
Jewish uncle in this world it would be a much
better place!

Upon going to these attacker guys’ Facebook
pages it didn’t take long to deduce that they were
Jewish Americans. So whose side are these
Facebook attackers on who throw the Nazi card
down so readily? The Jewish American Facebook
attackers even said that the American sailors killed
and wounded on the Liberty had it coming because
it was a spy ship! ...Well, yes it was a spy ship, but
it was an American spy ship, I’m an American, so
excuse me if I stand on the American side of this
issue. Fuck Israel. We should’ve nuked ‘em in’67

The attacker guys defended Israel, pointing out
that it’s surrounded by people who want it wiped
off the face of the earth, it’s a tiny country with a
small population, Jews have been persecuted for a
201thousand years, remember the holocaust and so

I’ll always defend the U.S.A. before I’ll let some
stranger get away with some crack about how
murdered Americans had it coming! This episode
got me to thinking about loyalty priorities, what
sort of ally Israel really is... and much, much

This book is the result of that thinking and

The more I thought about this episode, the more I
thought that Israel can go to hell and to hell with
the traitorous LBJ, his Jewish National Security
Advisor (Walt Whitman Rostow), his Secretary of
State (Dean Rusk), his Secretary of Defense
(Robert S. McNamara) and the military lackeys
who served them. And to hell with ANY
American Jew, goy or whomever, who places
the importance of Israel above the United States
of America!

An interesting person involved in the Liberty
incident was Admiral John S. McCain (the Arizona
Senator’s father and Commander of European U.S.
Naval Forces, including the 6 th Fleet, in June 1967)
for his role in the cover up. Senator McCain, to
this day, will defend his position that the slaughter
of 34 American sailors (170 wounded) was an
“accident of mistaken identity.”

If you’d like to see a U.S. Senator get red faced
and squirm, just ask Senator John McCain if the
U.S.S. Liberty massacre will ever be
reinvestigated. He is totally on board with the
continuing U.S.S. Liberty whitewash to the point
of having endorsed, in writing, the completely
bogus disinformation book, The Liberty Incident,
written by a Jewish bankruptcy lawyer from
Florida named A.J. Cristol.

Cristol’s version of the U.S.S. Liberty “incident” is
complete bullshit designed to convince any reader
that the “incident” was an accident... and IT WAS
NOT AN ACCIDENT! His book was sent to every
member of Congress to be used as a “reference
book” in case any politicians or their constituents
should bring up the issue of the U.S.S. Liberty
demanding justice and a reinvestigation.

To refer to Arizona Senator John McCain III as a “war
hero” is an insult to war heroes. John McCain’s father,
Admiral John McCain II, was a key player in the U.S.S.
Liberty massacre cover-up and was in total cahoots with
LBJ, Robert McNamara, and with the Israelis by doing
so. The McCains are traitors, plain and simple.


Click on this text to hear: USS Liberty The Unmentioned Parts - by Survivor Richard Larry Weaver....


Richard Larry Weaver
USS Liberty Survivor

"The Flag got in the way!"

"It's not what's true about Americans, it's
what's true about Washington; what's
true about the government in Israel;
and what's true about Israel and
my own government together!"
"That's the torpedo that hit the USS Liberty!"

USS Liberty at sea after the Israeli attack, and in dry dock.
"Our own American ship fired upon us!!"

USS Amberjack (SS-522)
"The submarine was reportedly in the vicinity of
the USS Liberty (AGTR-5) and filmed the attack of 
8 June 1967 on the ship by IDF planes." - Wikipedia


How LBJ's Vietnam War Paralyzed His Mideast Policymakers

By Grace Halsell

In the summer of 1967, Iwas a staff writer for President Lyndon B. Johnson at the White House. I was aware of that year's Middle East crisis but, like most Americans, understood little about it other than the fact that it involved Jews and Arabs. In that year I did not know a single Arab, and possibly LBJ did not either. Like most Americans, I was pro-Israel, Israel having been sold to most all of us as the underdog.


Everyone around me, without exception, was pro-Israel. Johnson had a dozen or more close associates and aides who were both Jewish and pro-Israel. There were Walt Rostow at the White House, his brother Eugene at State, and Arthur Goldberg, ambassador to the United Nations. Other pro-Israel advisers included Abe Fortas, associate justice of the Supreme Court; Democratic Party fundraiser Abraham Feinberg; White House counsels Leo White and Jake Jacobsen; White House writers Richard Goodwin and Ben Wattenberg; domestic affairs aide Larry Levinson; and John P. Roche, known as Johnson's intellectual-in-residence and an avid supporter of Israel.


Everyone around me, without exception, was pro-Israel.


I did not "know," but could sense, that events of great portent were transpiring. I heard rumors of CIA Director Richard Helms sending a warning to LBJ that the Israelis were about to attack, and the president getting word from Moscow that if the Israelis attacked any Arab country, the Soviets would go to that nation's defense.


I could see the comings and goings of Abe Fortas and Arthur Goldberg, and I knew that Walt Rostow, in particular, had close Israeli connections, and met frequently with Israeli Embassy Minister Ephraim (Eppy) Evron.


On occasion I saw a strikingly attractive blonde woman who, I learned, was an ardent supporter of Israel and a woman of whom the president was fond. Her background sounded like material from a spy novel. She was born Mathilde Galland in 1927in Italy, where she was reared as a Roman Catholic. Then, when her family returned to her father's birthplace in Switzerland, she became a Lutheran.


While a student in Geneva, she fell in love with a young Bulgarian Jew, David Danon, who had been brought up in Palestine and exiled by the British for his association with the Irgun Zvai Leumi, a Jewish terrorist group led by Menachem Begin. Danon was studying to become a medical doctor, but spent most of his time recruiting and carrying out secret Irgun operations throughout Western Europe.


In later interviews with former Time reporter Donald Neff, Mathilde said that as a teenager she saw Danon as a dashing and heroic figure, an activist dedicating his life to the founding of a Jewish state in Palestine. He was a personal friend of the Stern Gang terrorists, led by Yitzhak Shamir, who killed British resident minister Lord Walter Moyne in Cairo during World War II, and the Irgun terrorists who blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1946,with heavy loss of life. As bloody as these actions were, Mathilde said, she saw them as heroic. They represented the depth of the convictions of Danon and the Irgunists—and drew her to them.


Mathilde became so enamored of the Jewish struggle and of Danon's daring undercover operations in Europe that she converted to Judaism and married Danon. Then she, too, became an Irgun agent.


Reporter Neff, in his book entitled Warriors for Jerusalem: The Six Days That Changed the Middle East, documents Mathilde's role as a young "gun-runner" for the Jewish terrorist group. "As a seemingly innocent petite and pretty blonde out for a bicycle ride along Switzerland's borders," wrote Neff, "she in reality was taking messages and explosives into neighboring France and Italy—to be passed on to the Irgunists.


Five years after the creation of Israel obviated the need for pretty blonde gunrunners, Mathilde received a Ph.D. in genetics at the University of Geneva in 1953.She and Danon then moved to Israel, where she became a cancer researcher at the Weizmann Institute. After the birth of a daughter, she and Danon separated. While still at Weizmann, however, she met and later married the rich—and 20 years her senior—Arthur Krim, a motion picture executive who became finance chairman for the Democratic National Committee.


American Jews such as Krim and Abraham Feinberg—a New York banker and the first Jew to become a prominent moneyraiser in presidential campaigns—were by then bringing in well over half of the Democratic Party's funds. Thus it was natural that such fund-raisers would become very important to many Democratic candidates—and particularly to the leader of the Democratic Party, Lyndon B. Johnson.


LBJ often invited the Krims to his Texas ranch. There also were many instances in which Arthur and Mathilde were guests at the White House, and other times when, for many days running, Mathilde—without her husband—was a guest there. The Krims built a house near the LBJ ranch known as Mathilde's house, and Johnson often traveled there by helicopter.


Advice and Counsel  LBJ Part 2

The Krims, as well as other Jewish Americans who were closely associated with Johnson, advised and counseled him on the events leading up to the Six-Day War of June 1967. On the Memorial Day weekend in May 1967, Mathilde and her husband were guests at the LBJ ranch. On arrival at the ranch, Johnson learned that the Soviets had warned the U.S. that if Israel attacked an Arab state, the Soviets would go to the aid of that state. The State Department was preparing a message for LBJ to send to Israel.


While awaiting the draft message, Johnson got behind the wheel of his Lincoln Continental and took Mathilde and Arthur Krim for a drive over the hill country. They were at a neighbor's house when an aide brought Johnson a message drafted by the State Department for Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol. It relayed to Israel Moscow's warning that "if Israel starts military action, the Soviet Union will extend help to the attacked party."


After reassuring Eshkol of America's interest in Israel's safety, the draft message cautioned: "It is essential that Israel not take any preemptive military action and thereby make itself responsible for the initiation of hostilities." The president strengthened the warning by adding two words so that the sentence read, "It is essential that Israel JUST MUST NOT take any preemptive military action. . ."


On June 3, Johnson traveled to New York to deliver a speech at a Democratic Party fund-raising dinner. He moved on to a $1,000-a-plate dinner dance, sponsored by the President's Club of New York, whose chairman was Arthur Krim. While at the table, fund-raiser Abe Feinberg leaned over the shoulder of Mathilde Krim, seated next to Johnson, and whispered: "Mr. President, it [Israel's attack] can't be held any longer. It's going to be within the next 24 hours."


On June 4, Johnson went to the home of his close adviser and friend, Justice Abe Fortas. The following day, June 5, Rostow woke Johnson with a phone call at 4:30 a.m. "War has broken out," Rostow said. The Israelis had attacked Egypt and Syria.


Mathilde Krim was a guest at the White House and, before going to the Oval Office, and apparently before waking Lady Bird or notifying anyone else, Johnson dropped by the bedroom where Mathilde was sleeping and gave her the news: "The war has started."


At 7:45 a.m., Johnson talked—for the first time—on the hot line with Moscow. Soviet Premier Aleksi Kosygin expressed the hope that the United States would restrain Israel. Both leaders vowed to work for a cease-fire.


On that day—June 5, 1967—I walked the White House corridors as the telephone lines and news tickers recorded developments of the first morning of the war that would change the Middle East. I learned that in the war's first hours, Israeli planes had destroyed the air forces of both Egypt and Syria on the ground.


Unconcealable Glee  LBJ Part 3

Several U.S. officials in a State Department Operations Room briefing could not conceal their glee over Israel's successes. With a wide smile, Eugene Rostow said, "Gentlemen, gentlemen, do not forget that we are neutral in word, thought and deed."


At the State Department's noon briefing on June 5, press spokesman Robert J. McCloskey repeated those words for reporters. (Since the U.S. was not neutral but totally supportive of Israel, however, this statement would need—over the next several weeks—endless clarification.)


Also on June 5, Arthur Krim wrote a memo to the president saying: "Many arms shipments are packed and ready to go to Israel, but are being held up. It would be helpful if these could be released." Johnson got the shipments on their way.


Walt Rostow, in a memo to the president, referred to the results of Israel's surprise attack on Egypt and Syria as "the first day's turkey shoot." On June 6, in another memo to the president, Walt Rostow recommended that the Israelis not be forced to withdraw from the territories they had seized—short of peace treaties with the Arab states.


"If the Israelis go fast enough and the Soviets get worried enough," he wrote, "a simple cease-fire might be the best answer. This would mean that we could use the de facto situation on the ground to try to negotiate not a return to armistice lines but a definitive peace in the Middle East."


Mathilde Krim, still a guest in the White House, left for meetings in New York. Before departing, however, she wrote out a statement supportive of Israel which she asked the president to deliver "verbatim to the American people." Johnson was sufficiently impressed with her comments to, later in the day, read some of them to Secretary of State Dean Rusk. But the president did not, as she had asked, read them to the American people.


Jordan, treaty-bound to come to the aid of Egypt and Syria if either were attacked, had done so and, on June 7, Israel captured the Old City of Jerusalem. Also on June 7, Wattenberg and Levinson wrote in a memo to Johnson that the U.N. might attempt "to sell Israel down the river."


They urged LBJ to support Israel's claim to the territories seized militarily. They referred to McCloskey's statement that the U.S. was neutral, suggesting LBJ issue a statement affirming total support for Israel which, they said, might stop American Jews from meeting in Lafayette Square to protest the "neutrality" statement.


While Johnson never minded getting pro-Israel advice from such close friends as Mathilde Krim or Abe Fortas, he apparently resented advice from relatively minor White House staffers such as Wattenberg and Levinson. Seeing Levinson he stormed:


"You Zionist dupe! You and Wattenberg are Zionist dupes in the White House! Why can't you see I'm doing all I can for Israel! That's what you should be telling people when they ask for a message from the president for their rally." As LBJ abruptly stormed off, Levinson reports, he stood there, "shaken to the marrow of my bones."


Meanwhile, on the night of June 7, the USS Liberty , a Navy "ferret" ship equipped to monitor electronic communications, had approached within sight of the Gaza Strip so the National Security Agency personnel aboard could intercept the military communications jamming the airwaves. The president retired at 11:30 p.m., but White House logs reported that at one minute to midnight he got a call from Mathilde Krim, still in New York.


By June 8, despite U.S. and Soviet demands for a cease-fire, the Israelis were planning one more attack to take Syria's Golan Heights. Perhaps to prevent U.S. intelligence from learning of their plan, despite Syria's acceptance of the cease-fire, the Israelis dispatched planes to the USS Liberty. One roared over the Liberty so closely that the portholes of the aircraft's reconnaissance cameras were clearly visible. Lieutenant James M. Ennes, deck officer, saw on its wings Israel's insignia, the Star of David.


The Liberty Assault   LBJ Part 4

Ennes glanced at the U.S. flag atop his ship's tall mast. If he could see the Israeli pilots in their cockpits, he reasoned, the pilots could certainly see the large U.S. flag. It was not long after the last of several such Israeli reconnaissance flights, however, that an Israeli aircraft swooped down and fired rockets directly at The Liberty. Rocket fragments and 30mm bullets punched through the heavy deck plating—and through the flesh of the stunned crewmen. Then more planes—with cannon and napalm—turned the Liberty into a floating hell of flames and screaming men.


The Israeli attacks killed 34 Americans and wounded 171. The ship was partly flooded when an Israeli torpedo boat hit the U.S. ship with a torpedo below the water line. Another machine-gunned the ship's life rafts when the crew tried to launch them.


Only by a miracle did The Liberty remain afloat. But its threat to Israel's plans was finished. The next day, June 9, Israeli forces attacked and captured the Golan Heights. On Saturday, June 10, the war's sixth day, Israel agreed to a cease-fire.


It was Rostow who first notified Johnson of the assault on the Liberty. Asked who did it, Rostow said he did not know. Later the Israelis said they had done it, by mistake.


Johnson sent an immediate report to Kosygin that the Israelis had torpedoed a U.S. ship. Thus the Kremlin now knew about the Israeli attack, but the American people did not. From the beginning, the Johnson administration covered it up. Surviving crew members were separated from each other and the Navy was ordered to make certain that no survivor talked with any reporter—or to anyone else—about the assault on the USS Liberty .


It went virtually unnoticed. Not only the crew of the USS Liberty , but all Americans were victims. Johnson and most of those who entered and left the Oval Office were oriented toward Israel. For that matter, I too, was ready and eager to believe in 1967 that the Arabs, not the Israelis, had started the war and that the bombing raid on the USS Liberty was not intentional, but a mistake.


While there can be no moral justification for the White House cover-up orders to the Navy after the assault on the Liberty, from hindsight Johnson's political motivation is obvious. It was the same motivation that led him subsequently to listen to the Jewish friends and advisers who urged him not to put any pressure on the Israelis to relinquish territories they had seized in the Six-Day War.


In 1967, President Johnson felt he needed all the support he could get to I 'win" in Vietnam. Many American Jews were liberals outspokenly opposed to the war there. Johnson was told if he gave all out support to Israel—which would include ignoring the Israeli attack on the Libertyinfluential Jewish Americans would stop opposing his Vietnam policies.


In a memo to the president, Wattenberg, whose parents had moved to the U. S. from Palestine and who was known as a strong supporter of the Jewish state, said flatly that if the president came out with strong support for Israel, he would win American Jewish support for the war in Vietnam. Many American Jewish leaders are "doves" on Vietnam, Wattenberg wrote, but "hawks" on a war with Arab states.


A "Bonus" for Johnson  LBJ Part 5

"You stand to be cheered now by those (American Jewish leaders) who were jeering last week," Wattenberg wrote the president. He added that the Mideast crisis could be "a bonus" for Johnson. All-out support of Israel, he predicted, would "help turn around 'the other war'—the domestic dissatisfaction about Vietnam."


The support given by the American Jewish leaders "was welcome to the president," as reporter Donald Neff observed, when at every turn he was being attacked by critics, particularly in the media, of his Vietnam policy.


I was, at the time, a typical American. I was convinced back then that the Arabs had started the war and deserved what they got. I didn't try to reason how, if the Arabs had started the war, they were surprised with their air forces on the ground and how it was that Israel so easily seized all of Palestine, including the rest of Jerusalem. Instead, like millions of Americans, I was thrilled by the might of "little Israel."


Yet, despite the euphoria around me, what I saw in the White House planted questions in my mind. As Americans we had just passed through a dangerous Middle East conflict that threatened to explode into World War III. There were two parties to the conflict, Arabs and Jews. But for weeks on end I had seen only one set of advisers who could call or see Johnson whenever they pleased. The Arabs had no voice, no representation, no access, whatsoever.


It was only later that I came to reflect on how America, which devoted so much of the efforts of its "best and brightest" to the problem of Vietnam, had in 1967 quite unwittingly stumbled into a Middle East quagmire that, long after the fall of Saigon, would continue to enmesh U.S. soldiers and diplomats, and project an image of double standards and insincerity onto U.S. diplomacy all over the world.


Far more than his failed policies in Vietnam, the Middle East policies that LBJ allowed to fall into place in the June 1967 war would remain to haunt the U.S. for decades to come.


Grace Halsell, a Washington-based writer, is the author of Journey to Jerusalem and Prophecy and Politics, as well as several other works of nonfiction.



Our First Jewish President Lyndon Johnson? – an update!!

   A few months ago, the Associated Press reported that newly released tapes from US president Lyndon Johnson’s White House office showed LBJ’s “personal and often emotional connection to Israel.” The news agency pointed out that during the Johnson presidency (1963-1969), “the United States became Israel’s chief diplomatic ally and primary arms supplier.”

But the news report does little to reveal the full historical extent of Johnson’s actions on behalf of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.  Most students of the Arab-Israeli conflict can identify Johnson as the president during the 1967 war. But few know about LBJ’s actions to rescue hundreds of endangered Jews during the Holocaust – actions that could have thrown him out of Congress and into jail. Indeed, the title of “Righteous Gentile” is certainly appropriate in the case of the Texan, whose centennial year is being commemorated this year.  Appropriately enough, the annual Jerusalem Conference announced this week that it will honor Johnson.

Historians have revealed that Johnson, while serving as a young congressman in 1938 and 1939, arranged for visas to be supplied to Jews in Warsaw, and oversaw the apparently illegal immigration of hundreds of Jews through the port of Galveston, Texas….

A key resource for uncovering LBJ’s pro-Jewish activity is the unpublished 1989 doctoral thesis by University of Texas student Louis Gomolak, “Prologue: LBJ’s Foreign Affairs Background, 1908-1948.” Johnson’s activities were confirmed by other historians in interviews with his wife, family members and political associates.

Research into Johnson’s personal history indicates that he inherited his concern for the Jewish people from his family. His aunt Jessie Johnson Hatcher, a major influence on LBJ, was a member of the Zionist Organization of America. According to Gomolak, Aunt Jessie had nurtured LBJ’s commitment to befriending Jews for 50 years. As young boy, Lyndon watched his politically active grandfather “Big Sam” and father “Little Sam” seek clemency for Leo Frank, the Jewish victim of a blood libel in Atlanta.  Frank was lynched by a mob in 1915, and the Ku Klux Klan in Texas threatened to kill the Johnsons. The Johnsons later told friends that Lyndon’s family hid in their cellar while his father and uncles stood guard with shotguns on their porch in case of KKK attacks. Johnson’s speech writer later stated, “Johnson often cited Leo Frank’s lynching as the source of his opposition to both anti-Semitism and isolationism.”
Already in 1934 – four years before Chamberlain’s Munich sellout to Hitler – Johnson was keenly alert to the dangers of Nazism and presented a book of essays, ‘Nazism: An Assault on Civilization’, to the 21-year-old woman he was courting, Claudia Taylor – later known as “Lady Bird” Johnson. It was an incredible engagement present.

FIVE DAYS after taking office in 1937, LBJ broke with the “Dixiecrats” and supported an immigration bill that would naturalize illegal aliens, mostly Jews from Lithuania and Poland. In 1938, Johnson was told of a young Austrian Jewish musician who was about to be deported from the United States. With an element of subterfuge, LBJ sent him to the US Consulate in Havana to obtain a residency permit. Erich Leinsdorf, the world famous musician and conductor, credited LBJ for saving his live.

That same year, LBJ warned Jewish friend, Jim Novy, that European Jews faced annihilation. “Get as many Jewish people as possible out of Germany and Poland,” were Johnson’s instructions. Somehow, Johnson provided him with a pile of signed immigration papers that were used to get 42 Jews out of Warsaw.  But that wasn’t enough. According to historian James M. Smallwood, Congressman Johnson used legal and sometimes illegal methods to smuggle “hundreds of Jews into Texas, using Galveston as the entry port.  Enough money could buy false passports and fake visas in Cuba, Mexico and other Latin American countries. Johnson smuggled boatloads and planeloads of Jews into Texas. He hid them in the Texas National Youth Administration. Johnson saved at least four or five hundred Jews, possibly more.”

During World War II Johnson joined Novy at a small Austin gathering to sell $65,000 in war bonds. According to Gomolak, Novy and Johnson then raised a very “substantial sum for arms for Jewish underground fighters in Palestine.” One source cited by the historian reports that “Novy and Johnson had been secretly shipping heavy crates labeled ‘Texas Grapefruit’ – but containing arms – to Jewish underground ‘freedom fighters’ in Palestine.”
ON JUNE 4, 1945, Johnson visited Dachau. According to Smallwood, Lady Bird later recalled that when her husband returned home, “he was still shaken, stunned, terrorized, and bursting with an overpowering revulsion and incredulous horror at what he had seen.”

A decade later while serving in the Senate, Johnson blocked the Eisenhower administration’s attempts to apply sanctions against Israel following the 1956 Sinai Campaign. “The indefatigable Johnson had never ceased pressure on the administration,” wrote I.L. “Si” Kenen, the head of AIPAC at the time.  As Senate majority leader, Johnson consistently blocked the anti-Israel initiatives of his fellow Democrat, William Fulbright, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Among Johnson’s closest advisers during this period were several strong pro-Israel advocates, including Benjamin Cohen (who 30 years earlier was the liaison between Supreme Court justice Louis Brandeis and Chaim Weizmann) and Abe Fortas, the legendary Washington “insider.”
Johnson’s concern for the Jewish people continued through his presidency. Soon after taking office in the aftermath of John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, Johnson told an Israeli diplomat, “You have lost a very great friend, but you have found a better one.”  Just one month after succeeding Kennedy, LBJ attended the December 1963 dedication of the Agudas Achim Synagogue in Austin. Novy opened the ceremony by saying to Johnson, “We can’t thank him enough for all those Jews he got out of Germany during the days of Hitler.”  Lady Bird would later describe the day, according to Gomolak: “Person after person plucked at my sleeve and said, ‘I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for him. He helped me get out.'” Lady Bird elaborated, “Jews had been woven into the warp and woof of all [Lyndon’s] years.”

The PRELUDE to the 1967 war was a terrifying period for Israel, with the US State Department led by the historically unfriendly Dean Rusk urging an evenhanded policy despite Arab threats and acts of aggression. Johnson held no such illusions. After the war he placed
the blame firmly on Egypt: “If a single act of folly was more responsible for this explosion than any other, it was the arbitrary and dangerous announced decision [by Egypt that the Strait of Tiran would be closed [to Israeli ships and Israeli-bound cargo].”

Kennedy was the first president to approve the sale of defensive US weapons to Israel, specifically Hawk anti-aircraft missiles. But Johnson approved tanks and fighter jets, all vital after the 1967 war when France imposed a freeze on sales to Israel. Yehuda Avner recently
described on these pages prime minister Levi Eshkol’s successful appeal for these weapons on a visit to the LBJ ranch.  Israel won the 1967 war, and Johnson worked to make sure it also won the peace. “I sure as hell want to be careful and not run out on little Israel,” Johnson said in a March 1968 conversation with his ambassador to the United Nations, Arthur Goldberg, according to White House tapes recently released.

Soon after the 1967 war, Soviet premier Aleksei Kosygin asked Johnson at the Glassboro Summit why the US supported Israel when there were 80 million Arabs and only three million Israelis. “Because it is a right thing to do,” responded the straight-shooting Texan.

The crafting of UN Resolution 242 in November 1967 was done under Johnson’s scrutiny. The call for “secure and recognized boundaries” was critical. The American and British drafters of the resolution opposed Israel returning all the territories captured in the war. In September 1968, Johnson explained, “We are not the ones to say where other nations should draw lines between them that will assure each the greatest security. It is clear, however, that a return to the  situation of 4 June 1967 will not bring peace. There must be secure and there must be recognized borders. Some such lines must be agreed to by the neighbors involved.”  Goldberg later noted, “Resolution 242 in no way refers to Jerusalem, and this omission was deliberate.” This historic diplomacy was conducted under Johnson’s stewardship, as Goldberg related in oral history to the Johnson Library. “I must say for Johnson,” Goldberg stated. “He gave me great personal support.”

Robert David Johnson, a professor of history at Brooklyn College, recently wrote in The New York Sun, Johnson’s policies stemmed more from personal concerns – his friendship with leading Zionists, his belief that America had a moral obligation to bolster Israeli security and his conception of Israel as a frontier land much like his home state of Texas. His personal concerns led him to intervene when he felt that the State or Defense departments had insufficiently appreciated Israel’s diplomatic or military needs.”

President Johnson firmly pointed American policy in a pro-Israel direction. In a historical context, the American emergency airlift to Israel in 1973, the constant diplomatic support, the economic and military assistance and the strategic bonds between the two countries can all be credited to the seeds planted by LBJ.


Lyndon Johnson’s maternal ancestors, the Huffmans, apparently migrated to Frederick, Maryland from Germany sometime in the mid-eighteenth century.  Later they moved to Bourbon, Kentucky and eventually settled in Texas in the mid-to-late nineteenth century.


According to Jewish law, if a person’s mother is Jewish, then that person is automatically Jewish, regardless of the father’s ethnicity or religion.  The facts indicate that both of Lyndon Johnson’s great-grandparents, on the maternal side, were Jewish.

These were the grandparents of Lyndon’s mother, Rebecca Baines. Their names were John S. Huffman and Mary Elizabeth Perrin.  John Huffman’s mother was Suzanne Ament, a common Jewish name. Perrin is also a common Jewish name.

Huffman and Perrin had a daughter, Ruth Ament Huffman, who married Joseph Baines and together they had a daughter, Rebekah Baines, Lyndon Johnson’s mother. The line of Jewish mothers can be traced back three generations in Lyndon Johnson’s family tree. There is little doubt that he was Jewish.

by Morris Smith





Captain Ward Boston Jr. was so disgusted with
A.J. Cristol’s version of the Liberty slaughter that he
required himself to issue a legal affidavit in October of
2003 stating the following:

I, Ward Boston, Jr.do declare that the following
statement is true and complete:
For more than 30 years, I have remained silent on
the topic of the USS LIBERTY. I am a military
man and when orders come in from the Secretary
of Defense and the President of the United States, I
follow them.

However, recent attempts to rewrite history
compel me to share the truth.

In June of 1967, while serving as a Captain in the
Judge Advocate General Corps, Department of the
Navy, I was assigned as senior legal counsel for
the Navy’s Court of Inquiry into the brutal attack
on the USS LIBERTY, which occurred on June 8 th .
The late Admiral Isaac C. Kidd, president of the
Court, and I were given only one week to gather
evidence for the Navy’s official investigation into
the attack, despite the fact that we both estimated
that a proper court of inquiry into an attack of this
magnitude would take at least six months to

Admiral John S. McCain, Jr., then Commander-in-
Chief, Naval Forces Europe (CINCUSNAVEUR),
at his headquarters in London, had charged
Admiral Kidd (in a letter dated June 10, 1967) to
inquire into all the pertinent facts and
circumstances leading to and connected with the
armed attack; damage resulting therefrom; and
deaths of and injuries to Naval personnel. Despite
the short amount of time we were given, we
gathered a vast amount of evidence, including
hours of heartbreaking testimony from the young

The evidence was clear. Both Admiral Kidd and I
believed with certainty that this attack, which
killed 34 American sailors and injured 172 others,
was a deliberate effort to sink an American ship
and murder its entire crew. Each evening, after
hearing testimony all day, we often spoke our
private thoughts concerning what we had seen and
heard. I recall Admiral Kidd repeatedly referring to
the Israeli forces responsible for the attack as
“murderous bastards.” It was our shared belief,
based on the documentary evidence and testimony
we received first hand, that the Israeli attack was
planned and deliberate, and could not possibly
have been an accident.

I am certain that the Israeli pilots that undertook
the attack, as well as their superiors, who had
ordered the attack, were well aware that the ship
was American.

I saw the flag, which had visibly identified the ship
as American, riddled with bullet holes, and heard
testimony that made it clear that the Israelis
intended there be no survivors. Not only did the
Israelis attack the ship with napalm, gunfire and
missiles, Israeli torpedo boats machine gunned
three lifeboats that had been launched by the crew
in an attempt to save the most seriously wounded –
a war crime.

Admiral Kidd and I both felt it necessary to travel
to Israel to interview the Israelis who took part in
the attack. Admiral Kidd telephoned Admiral
McCain to discuss making arrangements. Admiral
Kidd later told me that Admiral McCain was
adamant that we were not to travel to Israel or
contact the Israelis concerning this matter.
Regrettably, we did not receive into evidence and
the court did not consider any of the more than 60
witness declarations from men who had been
hospitalized and were unable to testify in person.
I am outraged at the efforts of the apologists for
Israel in this country to claim that this attack was a
case of “mistaken identity.” In particular, the
recent publication of Jay Cristol’s book, The
Liberty Incident, twists the facts and misrepresents
the views of those of us who investigated the

It is Cristol’s insidious attempt to whitewash the
facts that has pushed me to speak out.
I know from personal conversations I had with
Admiral Kidd that President Johnson and
Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara ordered
him to conclude that the attack was a case of
“mistaken identity” despite overwhelming
evidence to the contrary.

Admiral Kidd told me, after returning from
Washington, D.C. that he had been ordered to sit
down with two civilians from either the White
House or the Defense Department, and rewrite
portions of the court’s findings.

Admiral Kidd also told me that he had been
ordered to “put the lid” on everything having to do
with the attack on the USS LIBERTY. We were
never to speak of it and we were to caution
everyone else involved that they could never speak
of it again.

I have no reason to doubt the accuracy of that
statement as I know that the Court of Inquiry
transcript that has been released to the public is
not the same one that I certified and sent off to

I know this because it was necessary, due to the
exigencies of time, to hand correct and initial a
substantial number of pages. I have examined the
released version of the transcript and I did not see
any pages that bore my hand corrections and
initials. Also, the original did not have any blank
pages, as the released version does. Finally, the
testimony of Lt. Painter concerning the deliberate
machine gunning of the life rafts by the Israeli
torpedo boat crews, which I distinctly recall being
given at the Court of Inquiry and included in the
original transcript, is now missing and has been

Following the conclusion of the Court of Inquiry,
Admiral Kidd and I remained in contact. Though
we never spoke of the attack in public, we did
discuss it between ourselves, on occasion. Every
time we discussed the attack, Admiral Kidd was
adamant that it was a deliberate, planned attack on
an American ship.

In 1990, I received a telephone call from Jay
Cristol, who wanted to interview me concerning
the functioning of the Court of Inquiry. I told him
that I would not speak to him on that subject and
prepared to hang up the telephone. Cristol then
began asking me about my personal background
and other, non-Court of Inquiry related matters. I
endeavored to answer these questions and politely
extricate myself from the conversation. Cristol
continued to return to the subject of the Court of
Inquiry, which I refused to discuss with him.
Finally, I suggested that he contact Admiral Kidd
and ask him about the Court of Inquiry.
Shortly after my conversation with Cristol, I
received a telephone call from Admiral Kidd,
inquiring about Cristol and what he was up to. The
Admiral spoke of Cristol in disparaging terms and
even opined that “Cristol must be an Israeli agent.”
I don’t know if he meant that literally or it was his
way of expressing his disgust for Cristol’s highly
partisan, pro-Israeli approach to questions
involving the USS LIBERTY.

At no time did I ever hear Admiral Kidd speak of
Cristol other than in highly disparaging terms. I
find Cristol’s claims of a “close friendship” with
Admiral Kidd to be utterly incredible. I also find it
impossible to believe the statements he attributes
to Admiral Kidd, concerning the attack on the USS

Several years later, I received a letter from Cristol
that contained what he purported to be his notes of
our prior conversation. These “notes” were grossly
incorrect and bore no resemblance in reality to that
discussion. I find it hard to believe that these
“notes” were the product of a mistake, rather than
an attempt to deceive. I informed Cristol that I
disagreed with his recollection of our conversation
and that he was wrong. Cristol made several
attempts to arrange for the two of us to meet in
person and talk but I always found ways to avoid
doing this. I did not wish to meet with Cristol as
we had nothing in common and I did not trust him.
Contrary to the misinformation presented by
Cristol and others, it is important for the American
people to know that it is clear that Israel is
responsible for deliberately attacking an American
ship and murdering American sailors, whose
bereaved shipmates have lived with this egregious
conclusion for many years.”

Dated: January 9, 2004 at Coronado, California.
Ward Boston, Jr.
Captain, JAGC, USN (Ret.)
Senior Counsel to the USS LIBERTY Court of



Captain Ward Boston JAG Officer for 1967 Inquiry of USS Liberty attack



The Dangling McCAIN Puppet

There are many non-Jewish politician puppets that gladly
dangle from their master’s puppet strings and perform
every sort of treasonous act for the benefit of their
masters. A few examples would be George W. Bush,
Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and... Senator the from
Arizona, John McCain.

How can a self-absorbed, disloyal, grand-standing
Zionist lackey lap-dog like John McCain get away with
every shameful shenanigan he’s ever been caught doing?
Well, it helps a lot if a Zionist Jewish author like Robert
Timberg writes a glowing whitewash about you and the
Zionist media omits anything critical of you in return for
your fullest support of Israel’s agenda. Not to mention all
the Zionist contributions to McCain political campaigns.
For instance... Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Goldman
Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase, Credit Suisse
Group and Blank Rome LLP were all amongst McCain’s
top 10 presidential campaign contributors and he is still
beholden to them all. The American-Israeli Public
Affairs Committee (AIPAC) alone contributed $750,000
to McCains’ ill-fated, ill-advised presidential run of

Senator John McCain got away with a lot of
unprofessional wastes of taxpayer money as a Navy pilot
but was regularly promoted up through the ranks in spite,
of incompetence and tomfoolery... only because his
father was a very influential Navy admiral.

For instances: McCain crashed a jet into Corpus Christi
Bay on March 12 th , 1960 while undergoing advanced
flight training. The official Navy investigation blamed
McCain’s inattention to altitude and speed for the crash.
In December of 1961, while McCain was on a training
mission flying from the carrier U.S.S. Intrepid, he clipped
some power lines while hot dogging with his aircraft in
Spain. McCain says in his book, Faith of My Fathers,
“There were occasional setbacks in my efforts to round
out my Navy profile. My reputation was not enhanced
when I knocked down some power lines while flying too
low over southern Spain. My daredevil clowning had cut
off electricity to a great many Spanish homes and created
a small international incident.”

He did manage to land his aircraft on the Intrepid while
trailing ten feet of power cable and dealing with a
severed oil line. Any dumb-ass pilot who pulled such a
stunt would have been court marshaled... unless their
daddy was an influential admiral.

McCain suffered another flameout over the Chesapeake
Bay on November 28 th , 1965, and blamed it on an “an
explosion in the engine” after making a safe ejection. In a
report dated Jan. 18 th , 1966, the Naval Aviation Safety
Center said it could not determine the cause of the
accident or corroborate McCain’s account of an
explosion in the engine.

A close examination of the engine found “no
discrepancies which would have caused or contributed to
engine failure or malfunction.” ...Then, two weeks after
issuing its initial report, the Safety Center revised its
findings and said the accident resulted from the failure or
481malfunction of “an undetermined component of the
engine.” So, the Admiral’s son benefitted from the fix

McCain was not responsible for the explosions and fire
aboard the U.S.S. Forrestal on July 29 th , 1967 that killed
134 sailors. The so called “wet start” theory does not
hold water.

“Wet starting” involves deliberately dumping fuel into
the afterburner of a jet engine before starting causing a
large flame to shoot out from the tail of an aircraft when
started. The subsonic A-4 jets that McCain’s squadron
was flying were powered by non-afterburning Pratt &
Whitney J-52-P-408A engines. And although a “wet
start” can be accomplished with a non-afterburning
engine, the fact that McCain’s aircraft was parked on
deck with the tail pointed out to sea with no aircraft
behind him shoots down the theory that McCain “wet
started” his aircraft causing a flame to shoot out from his
tail which “cooked-off” (ignited) a Zuni rocket attached
to the aircraft behind him.

The man can’t be faulted for being in the wrong place at
the wrong time, as usual, while losing yet another jet

The fourth aircraft McCain lost was the Skyhawk he was
flying when he was shot down during a bombing raid
over Hanoi, North Vietnam on October 26 th , 1967; and
thus began the nearly five and a half years of
imprisonment in North Viet Nam that is interesting upon
close inspection...

First we must ask why McCain would vote against the
HR 3603 Truth Accountability Bill. The bill was
supported by Senator Bob Dornan (R-Ca.) and Senator
Bob Smith (R-N.H.). The purpose of the bill was to
get any and all records of POWs in Vietnam, Korea, and
anywhere else to determine if any POWs were still alive
and still captive.

The House passed the bill by a vote of 401 to 0, but when
it got to the Senate for a vote, McCain was the only one
that blocked the bill. McCain did not want any scrutiny
brought to his own POW records that he had permanently
sealed for very good reasons.

McCain does not want the general public to know how
cooperative he was with his North Vietnamese captors.
He broke both arms and a leg while ejecting from his
aircraft after being hit by a surface to air missile over
Hanoi. He needed medical attention for his condition
after capture and arranged to trade classified information
for medical treatment; he also agreed to appear in no
fewer than thirty-two anti-American propaganda
interviews with the North Vietnamese news service. In
these interviews he stated that America’s principal targets
were schools, orphanages, hospitals, temples, and

McCain has freely admitted in his autobiography, Faith of
My Fathers, that he felt disgraced and ashamed of himself
for making a propaganda tape for the North Vietnamese
that was broadcast over the Hanoi Hilton (POW camp)
public address system describing himself as a war
criminal who had bombed a school. He claims that, “I
felt faithless and couldn’t control my despair,” for having
made the tape, and said, “I still wince when I recall
wondering if my father had heard of my disgrace.” This
admission is only the tip of the iceberg of his traitorous

McCain’s 1991 McCain Bill created a bureaucratic maze
from which only the tiniest fraction of available
documents could emerge related to missing and deceased
POWs. So restrictive were the bill’s provisions that one
clause actually stated that the Pentagon didn’t have to
inform the public if, or when, it received intelligence that
Americans were alive in captivity.

McCain supporters point out that he passed on an
opportunity to be released early and ahead of those who
had been imprisoned longer at the Hanoi Hilton. But had
McCain taken the early out his Navy career would have
been over for disregarding Navy code and he would have
become a cowardly pariah; not to mention any political
aspirations would have been off the table. Besides, he
received enough special treatment to make his time as a
POW bearable.

McCain’s first wife since 1965, Carol, who was a former
swimsuit model for Jantzen swimwear, was in a car crash
on Christmas Eve 1969. She suffered two smashed legs, a
broken pelvis, broken arm and ruptured spleen. She
chose not to inform her husband of her accident
reasoning that he had enough to worry about as a POW.
Businessman, former presidential candidate, and POW
advocate Ross Perot stepped up to pay for all of her
medical care.

BTW: Remember Ross Perot warning America about
how much damage NAFTA and other “free-trade”
agreements would do to us. He was right about every
warning he issued during his presidential run for office.
The 17 trade agreements have gutted America’s
manufacturing engine and has hamstringed all of
America’s trade advantages.

When the McCains were reunited upon his release from
captivity on March 14 th , 1973, Carol was then four inches
shorter, in a wheelchair or on crutches and was much
heavier than when he’d last seen her. The next six years
were a series of extramarital affairs by John resulting in
separations. John pushed for a divorce that Carol agreed
to without contesting that was finalized on April 2 nd ,

John McCain then married the pretty, young (18 years
younger than McCain) Arizona multi-millionaire alcohol
distributorship heiress (Hensley & Co.), Cindy Lou
Hensley, six weeks later.

As Cindy’s trophy husband working for alcohol
distributor Hensley & Co., McCain met and befriended
some influential Phoenix crooks such as future Arizona
Governor Fife Symington who resigned as governor after
his conviction for bank fraud in 1997 (later pardoned by
President Clinton), and Charles Keating, who defrauded
American tax-payers out of $3 billion dollars and left
23,000 Lincoln Savings and Loan customers holding
worthless junk bonds after Lincoln Savings and Loan

Five U.S. Senators, who associated with Charles Keating,
and accepted his financial contributions, argued for
preferential treatment from government regulators
investigating Keating and became known as the Keating
Five. John McCain was one of the five and the only one
of the five senators with close personal, business, and
social ties to Keating. McCain had to pay back all the
money Keating spent on all the McCain family vacations
spent at Keating’s Bahamas vacation retreat (including
transportation aboard Keating’s private jet) after the
whole scandal hit the news.

McCain was eventually somehow exonerated of
“impropriety,” but was “criticized for poor judgment.”
And then the hypocrite sponsored a campaign finance
reform bill that would eliminate the corrupting influence
of large political contributions from corporations, labor
unions, and wealthy individuals. It became his signature
issue, along with Jewish Senator Russ Feingold, that was
named the McCain-Feingold Act. The Act was initially
filibustered in the Senate and never came to a vote until
seven years later and after much watering down ... of

It was John McCain and Zionist Senator Joe Lieberman
who authored the legislation that created the totally
compromised and abjectly corrupted 9/11 Commission
that completely whitewashed 9/11. This was after he
pushed very had for an Iraq invasion.

McCain pushed the Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Act of 2007 which was an illegal immigrant amnesty bill.
He supported Bush II and the tax cut extensions that
benefitted the wealthy (such as his wife).

After choosing the embarrassingly incompetent fool
Sarah Palin as his running mate for the 2008 presidential
campaign, McCain suspended his campaign long enough
to push for the Wall Street bailout.

McCain has been the chairman of a little known
organization funded ($80 million annually with 400
employees) by the U.S. government called the
International Republican Institute (IRI) since 1993. The
motto of the IRI is “Advancing Democracy Worldwide”
and they endeavor to “expand freedom throughout the

The IRI conducts international political programs
sometimes called ‘democratization’ programs in foreign
countries. IRI involvement in the Haitian coup of 2004,
the Honduras coup of 2009, and the uprisings in Egypt,
Tunisia and Libya during the so-called “Arab Spring” are
examples of IRI ‘democratization.’

The IRI boasts about having been in 40 different
countries to “monitor” the proceedings and results of
over 130 elections; yet where was this neocon peopled
far right organization when our own elections of 2000
and 2004 were hijacked? Check out the International
Republican Institute and see if you can smell a rat like I
do; after all, you are paying for this “institute.” The IRI
sounds like a CIA front company to me...

I wonder what the IRI thought of McCain’s 2008
presidential campaign committee being fined $80,000
by the Federal Election Commission for accepting
contributions that exceeded federal limits.

There was a book published in 2006 titled, Debunking
9/11 Myths: Why Conspiracy Theories Can’t Stand Up to
the Facts. It touted itself as, “An In Depth Investigation
By Popular Mechanics.” It was a lame whitewash, failed
to debunk any 9/11 facts, and relied on the once reputable
name of Popular Mechanics to lend credibility to the
disinformation. Zionist Jew James B. Meigs is the editor-
in-chief of the Hearst owned Popular Mechanics and
wants the 9/11 truth trail leading away from Israel and
Jewish Americans at all costs. John McCain wrote the
foreword for the Popular Mechanics 9/11 disinformation

Anyway... In summation: John McCain was not a war
hero. There is nothing heroic about being shot down after
only 23 combat missions and then earning the
designation, “Songbird,” by your fellow captives and
captors for cooperating with the enemy.

His sucking up to Israel by endorsing the lies related to
the USS LIBERTY massacre is traitorous. His sucking
up to Israel related to our fighting Israel’s wars in the
Middle East is traitorous.
His being a brutal
obstructionist and turning his back on former POWs and
MIAs is shameful. His being a “globalist” is disturbing to
the point of repulsion.

Zionists control the media that controls lackeys for Israel
like John McCain who will be a featured speaker at the
2013 American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)
convention... again. McCain will be consorting with the
enemy again...

And speaking of McCain consorting with the enemy...

He spent Memorial Day 2013 in civil war torn Syria
meeting with the Syrian rebels. His “super-secret” grand
stand was an end-run around the Obama administration’s
policy of caution regarding involvement in Syria’s civil
war that was agitated by Israel in the first place.

Israel wants the current Syrian leadership out because it
isn’t in bed with Israeli regional domination designs.

McCain crossed the border into Syria from Turkey to
meet with rebel military leadership. McCain has never
met a war he didn’t like and went on location to hype the
prospects of another Middle Eastern debacle where
America can shed blood and capital in a civil conflict
where both sides hate us for being Israel’s lap dog.

Also speaking at the 2013 AIPAC policy conference will
be Vice President Joe Biden, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi
Netanyahu, Israeli Defense minister Ehud Barak, House
Majority Leader Eric Kantor (R-Va.), uber-Zionist
Dennis Ross and former National Security Advisor to
Bush II, Elliot Abrams.

AIPAC is nothing more or less than a Washington D.C.
gang of Jewish Zionist political arm twisters and bribery
specialists who want nothing more than to use the
American military to eviscerate Iran as the next step in
Israel’s goal of total dominance over the Middle East
region; then they will work on tipping over all the other
dominoes on the planet.

Recall how Americans were told that we had to stop
“communist aggression” in Vietnam or else all of Asia,
and eventually the world, would come under the
dominance of communism. If you consider that
communism was invented by Jews such as Marx, Lenin
and Trotsky, then the commie-domino theory isn’t too far
off-base. Only... after America was unceremoniously
kicked out of Vietnam, after a decade of slaughter, no
other dominoes fell; but they sure are falling in the
Middle East and America has been totally subjugated
Evidently America was used, and is being used,
as an imperial war machine by the actual people who
have designs of world domination. Very clever of the
Globalists isn’t it?


















A very dark sidebar to the USS Liberty incident is the account by Gabriel Bron, an Israeli reporter for the Tel Aviv daily newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, who was a soldier present in the Egyptian town of El Arish that day in June when the Liberty was attacked. He claims that the USS Liberty would probably have been sunk anyway just for being there.

Bron asserted that the USS Liberty’s crew might have been aware of a massacre taking place in El Arish just 13 miles away. In fact, the USS Liberty’s skipper was using the town’s mosque tower to fix their location making it potentially possible for the crew to witness the execution of between 60 to150 (depending on whose story you like best) Egyptian POWs who had been ordered to dig their own graves before being shot by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) military police.

See the New York Times article by Youssef Ibrahim published September 21, 1995:

Egypt Says Israelis Killed POWs in “67 War

See the September 25, 1995 CNN World News article by Gayle Young who reported that mass graves were recently discovered in El Arish. In her report, Aryeh Biro, a retired Israeli officer admitted that war crimes were committed. The report also stated that the Israelis were offering to compensate families of the victims but some Egyptians want Israeli officers put on trial as well; which the Israelis have refused to do.

But El Arish happened way back in 1967 and isn’t relevant anymore right? So let’s jump ahead to April 18th, 1996 when Israeli forces bombed a United Nations refugee compound in Southern Lebanon in a town called Qana killing 100 Lebanese civilians and mutilating scores more.
 The Israelis claimed that the bombing was in response to a Hezbollah rocket attack on an Israeli patrol …but this patrol was planting anti-personnel mines and roadside explosives in a UN protected area of Lebanon near Qana. The Hezbollah indeed conducted the rocket attack knowing full well what the “patrol” was doing and had hard feelings about Israelis planting mines because a Lebanese teenager had been killed by an Israeli planted mine the previous month.

The UN conducted an investigation and determined that the bombing of the Qana was deliberate; but, of course, Israel was not held accountable and never is …because the USA controls the UN and Israel controls the USA. It’s really that simple.


Click on this text or the book cover photo to see the James M. Ennes Jr. book,"Assault On The Liberty"




The USS Liberty Massacre Hour

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( 5pm - 6pm EST)


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Click on this text and watch the documentary: "LOSS OF LIBERTY, The Real Story of the USS LIBERTY"




The Trump And Israel Conspiracy

By Chuck Baldwin 
June 7, 2018


On January 11 of this year, I wrote a column entitled “Collusion With Russia Was Never The Crime.” In the column I wrote:


All of the hoopla over non-existent collusion between Donald Trump and Russia is nothing but political theater. The real crime has been completely covered up by the American media—including the so-called conservative media. In fact, media and political pundits will always cover up virtually any crime committed by this culprit—and they have been doing so since the culprit came into existence.


The real story, of course, is the cover-up of Trump’s collusion with—NOT Russia—but Israel.


The chain of command was clear: Donald Trump to Jared Kushner to General Michael Flynn. All of the brouhaha about collusion with Russia that led to the firing of Flynn was merely a smokescreen to cover up the Trump administration’s collusion with Israel. And Flynn was the fall guy. Israel’s highest-ranking foreign agent (Kushner) continues to guide Trump’s Zionist foreign policy without the slightest impediment.


Israel is America’s sacred cow; it is the third rail of politics. No one dares to criticize it, much less expose its manifold crimes. Israel is also America’s Trojan Horse. Virtually the entire country (with America’s evangelical Christian pastors and churches leading the way) is scared silly to say anything critical of Israel. Fortunately, the hackneyed moniker “anti-Semitic” is fast losing its sting, as more and more people are awakening to the rank evil and criminality committed by the Zionist state—not the least of which are a plethora of Jewish people, including rabbis.


Now, a new report is shedding more light on the Trump and Israel conspiracy. Writing for TheDailyBeast.com, Ken Klippenstein reports:


In the fall of 2016, Donald Trump Jr. and other key aides to the future president reportedly met in Trump Tower with Joel Zamel, the founder of a company called Wikistrat.


Wikistrat bills itself as a “crowdsourced” geopolitical analysis firm based in Washington, D.C. But interviews with current and former employees and documents reviewed by The Daily Beast tell a different story: that the vast majority of Wikistrat’s clients were foreign governments; that Wikistrat is, for all intents and purposes, an Israeli firm; and that the company’s work was not just limited to analysis. It also engaged in intelligence collection.


Klippenstein goes on to report:


If Wikistrat was engaged in intelligence collection, an obvious question arises: For whom?


Much of the reporting so far has focused on Wikistrat’s relationship with the United Arab Emirates. For instance, The New York Times recently reported a secretive Trump Tower meeting three months before the 2016 presidential election, between Donald Trump Jr., Zamel, and George Nader, an emissary for the UAE. The meeting drew comparison to the infamous Trump Tower meeting between Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, and a Russian lawyer with ties to the Kremlin.


Zamel is reported to have pitched Trump Jr. on a social-media manipulation strategy to help his father win the election. After Trump was elected, Nader is said to have paid Zamel a large sum of money—as much as $2 million.


In light of the scrutiny of Zamel’s ties to the UAE, it’s natural that news coverage would focus on that country. But Wikistrat may, in fact, have stronger ties to Israel.


Zamel is a citizen of Israel and master’s graduate of IDC Herzliya—a small, elite college that’s often compared to U.S. Ivy League schools—where he studied government, diplomacy, and strategy, specializing in counterterrorism and homeland security.


(The internal documents reviewed by The Daily Beast confirm that Zamel also owned the lion’s share—86 percent—of Wikistrat, with the next biggest shareholder possessing less than 6 percent of the company.)


Though Wikistrat’s website lists its location as Washington, Kadtke said the company was run out of Israel the entire time he worked there.


A former Wikistrat employee confirmed the company was run out of Tel Aviv, with the D.C. office only handling sales and business development, he said.


“He knew a whole lot of people there [in Israel]. One of his connections was the former head of the [Israeli] intelligence directorate, Amos Yadlin.”


In fact, each of Wikistrat’s principals listed Tel Aviv as their address in a 2015 copy of Wikistrat’s Virginia business license.


Former employees say that at the core of Wikistrat’s leadership were three Israelis: Daniel Green, the CTO, Elad Schaffer, formerly the COO and now the CEO, and Zamel, the founder and, until this year, its CEO.


“Those people were very close, and it wasn’t just professional,” one former employee said.


That former employee added, “I had an initial conversation with Joel [Zamel] where I said, ‘One of the issues you’re going to run into, if you want to be focused on [U.S.] government work, you’re going to run into problems every day because of the Israeli connection.’ He said, ‘Well, why is that? They’re amazing allies?’”


“There were many conversations internally [about this]... Israel is one of the top counterintelligence concerns for the U.S.”


One of the internal documents reviewed by The Daily Beast lists a former “major in [an] elite Israeli intelligence-analysis unit,” Shay Hershkovitz, as its chief security officer and director of analytic community. That document also describes Schaffer as a former “counterterrorism officer for Israeli intelligence.”


“Elad was involved in a very elite, select group of individuals performing a very important mission… dealing with the height of the global war on terrorism,” one former employee said. “He did some collaborative work with U.S. special-operations counterparts who were working in the Middle East to deal with threats coming from al Qaeda.”


“Elad kept a very low profile.”


Klippenstein’s report further states:


Robert Mueller’s office is investigating Wikistrat and Zamel, according to The Wall Street Journal, as the special counsel’s probe expands into Middle Eastern governments’ attempts to influence American politics.


See the report here:


Here is a Haaretz.com report on Joel Zamel and the Trump/Israeli connection:


Sputnik News also dared to expose “the Israeli connection” that the western media has systematically covered up. The headlines of that report state “Analyst: Trump Team Colluded with Israel, Not Russia, in Flynn-Kislyak Talks.”


If Mueller gets serious about investigating the Trump and Israel conspiracy, “Katy, bar the door!” No wonder Vice President Mike Pence and top Republicans in Congress are clamoring for Mueller to “wrap it [the investigation] up.” The Zionist government in Israel has heavily infiltrated and influenced the U.S. government for decades. It is almost safe to say that the U.S. government is little more than a puppet government of Israel.


Watch this video of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bragging about America being a lap dog for Israel:


And no U.S. President has been more manipulated and controlled by the Zionist State of Israel than Donald J. Trump.


If Mueller zeroes in on “the Israeli connection,” Trump is in serious hot water. But don’t hold your breath. Both Republicans and Democrats are neck-deep in collusion with Israel. As much as Democrats hate Donald Trump, they fear the wrath of Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli Mossad (and their lackeys in the U.S. media) even more. The last U.S. congressman to publicly tell the truth about Israel’s power over the political establishment in Washington, D.C., was Ohio congressman James Traficant (a Democrat, no less)—and look what happened to him. His fellow congressmen trumped up charges of corruption against him, threw him in prison and, after he was released, he died mysteriously in an “accident” on his farm.


Conservatives and liberals may vehemently oppose each other on any number of issues, but they both sing from the same hymnbook when it comes to Israel. If you don’t believe that, just watch conservative Sean Hannity and liberal Chris Matthews tear into Traficant over the congressman’s truth-telling about Israel:


In my January 11 column I also said this:


If you don’t believe there is an ongoing national cover-up to protect Zionist Israel, consider this case history:


A foreign naval vessel is lumbering in international waters. It is flying a brand new 8’x5’ flag, which unmistakably identifies it as a major ally of the country whose coastline is nearest the ship. The ship’s markings are ten feet high on both sides. It is not a warship. It is an intelligence-gathering ship. For all intents and purposes, it is defenseless against any warship or attack aircraft, having but four .50-calibre Browning machine guns without shrapnel shields as its only offensive weapons. On board are 286 souls.


Suddenly, and without provocation, the supposed “ally” nation attacks the ship with both warplanes (which were unmarked) and torpedo boats. For over an hour, the helpless ship is riddled with machine-gun fire, rockets, and torpedoes. Within moments, the ship is completely disabled. As it seems certain that the ship will sink, lifeboats are lowered, but the attacking torpedo boats immediately strafe the lifeboats with gunfire. Helicopters from the aggressive country carrying Special Forces troops hover over the ship, which is now listing at nine degrees. Clearly, the attacking country intends that no one survive.


The ship has no engines, no rudder, and no power. As the Special Forces soldiers from the attacking country are being positioned to launch their final assault, the ship’s Captain barks, “Standby to repel boarders.” One sailor yells, “They’ve come to finish us off.”


The only thing that saves that ship and those survivors that day is eight warplanes from a nearby aircraft carrier that had heard the initial “Mayday” cry from the ship. This caused the attacking country to withdraw. As it was, 34 of the ship’s officers and crew are killed and only a divine miracle and superhuman Herculean effort from the sailors in the bowels of that steel graveyard keeps that ship afloat. When the attack first began, one general from the attacking country protested to his commanding officer, saying, “This is pure murder.”


But what the country whose ship was attacked and whose men were killed did is most curious. It did NOTHING. In fact, the government of that country immediately declared that the attack had been a “mistake” and then proceeded to completely cover up what had happened. And to this day, the citizens of that country know almost nothing about what took place on that fateful day.


The attacking country in the above case was Israel. The country attacked was the United States. The date was June 8, 1967. And the name of the ship was the USS Liberty.


Can one imagine what U.S. reaction would have been had the USS Liberty been attacked by an Arab nation? Can you imagine how pastors and Christians would have reacted had the attacking country been Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc.? But since the attacking country was Israel, hardly anyone in the United States even knows (or cares) about it.


Tomorrow (June 8) is the 51st anniversary of Israel’s merciless and unprovoked attack against our country in which 34 U.S. Sailors and Marines were killed. And as I said, almost no one in America knows anything about it.


The attack on the USS Liberty joins the assassinations of President John Kennedy and U. S. Senator Robert Kennedy, the shoot-down of TWA flight 800, the capture of the USS Pueblo, the shoot-down of KAL flight 007 and the 9/11 attacks as one of the most covered up atrocities in U.S. history.


The Zionist influence in Washington, D.C., and especially in the Trump White House is extensive. If the American people truly understood the degree in which a foreign government (Israel) influences (legally and illegally) Congress and the White House (not to mention Wall Street and the Federal Reserve), they would truly throw all of the “bums” out. As it is, Donald Trump is counting on the fact that Robert Mueller is just as compromised by the Israeli lobby as any other politician in Washington, D.C. And he doubtless is.


So, the conservative Trump toadies and the Christian Israel worshippers can probably relax. Nothing is going to come of the Mueller investigation, and the Trump and Israel conspiracy will remain intact.


P.S. I am helping the survivors of the Israeli attack against the USS Liberty distribute the tell-all book they wrote that chronicles the true story of what happened on that fateful day of June 8, 1967. One of these Liberty survivors, Ron Kukal, is a co-author of the book and has become a good friend of mine. I am pleased to help Ron and his shipmates get the word out about their fantastic tell-all book Remember The LIBERTY! I urge readers to get as many copies of this book as they can to pass out to their friends and loved ones.


To show you the depth of this 50-year cover-up of Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty, even the American Legion has denied Liberty survivors a booth at their 2018 national convention. Can you believe that?


And since it would be too much to expect America’s pastors to educate their church congregations about Israel’s horrific attack, due to their strong bias in favor of Israel, you will need to obtain the information and distribute that information to your friends, loved ones and fellow church members yourself.


Find the explosive eyewitness true story of the USS Liberty here:



© Chuck Baldwin




If someone refuses to believe that our "ally" Israel would ever stab America in the back with a murderous terror even such as 9/11.... bring the USS LIBERTY stab in the back incident to their attention. And if they still want to "Stand with Israel" then tell the beguiled fool of a traitor to go Stand IN Israel where they belong.

It's always best to learn about any incident from someone who was actually there:

On Facebook:

FROM ERNEST GALLO To Doug Martin-KVOI Radio, Tucson (Who claims that the deliberate ISRAELI attack on the USS LIBERTY on June 8th,1967was an "accident"):

"I am a survivor and I spent 28 years with the CIA after the Navy. I am committed to the USA and I love what this country used to stand for and the Ideals my father fought for in WWII. It went wrong in 1967 with the Johnson administration. The USS Liberty crew knows it because we have seen the dishonestly coming out of Washington. America has been lied to about the attack. I am a eye witness of the event and if we could ever present our evidence in a court of law, our government and the Israelis would look very bad. If that is not enough, go to www.usslibertydocumentcenter.org and you will find a copy of a CIA cable that identifies Mosha Dayan giving the orders to deliberately attack the ship. A General in the room replied "this is pure murder". The ship was in international waters flying the American flag and ship had 40 some attenni from bow to stern. If we did not look like an American intelligence ship, you would have to blind. What we did not have was formidable weapons to fight off an aggressor because we were NOT a man-of-war type of ship. Amen."




This USS LIBERTY Document Center has opened in 2013, forty-six years after the attack upon the United States Ship LIBERTY. The document center has been formed by the Board of Directors of the USS LIBERTY Alliance and the Board of Directors of the USS LIBERTY

This USS LIBERTY Document Center has opened in 2013, forty-six years after the a...ttack upon the United States Ship LIBERTY. The document center has been formed by the Board of Directors of the USS LIBERTY Alliance and the Board of Directors of the USS LIBERTY Veterans Association to permit future sch… See More


JP Feldmann to Doug Martin: "I was a crewmember of the USS Liberty for the year just before the IDF attack on the ship. In fact my replacement was killed by the torpedo blast. There were 13 low level reconnaissance flights over the ship that morning. Pictures are available if you wish to see them. The USS Liberty ALWAYS flew a US flag on the main mast while she was under weigh. The ship markings were clearly visible with the naked eye at the distance of half a mile of more. Again, pictures are available if you would like to see them. Voice intercepts made by NSA resources of the pilot chatter indicate that they saw the flag and the ship's markings and knew that the subject ship was an AMERICAN ship of some sort.

This was in NO WAY, SHAPE, or FORM an accident. The IDF intended to sink the USS Liberty with ALL hands on board. However, the US Navy was too good for them to kill off so easily."

  • ____________________________________________

    Ronald Kukal: "To add to what JP has said. First of all we have all been awarded our medals. Combat Action Ribbon, Purple Heart, ect. You do not award medals to men who have been exposed to so called Friendly Fire. There are about 35 to 40 VIP's of that era who have left statements about this attack, and none of them say it was friendly fire. The one I like best comes form former Sec of State Dean Rusk who in his book, "As I Saw It" said, " I never believed the Israeli excuse, I didn't believe it then, and I don't believe it now". Admiral Thomas Moorer who was the Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and a personal friend of mine said you don't have accidents from friendly fire when you attack over and over and over again for two hours. The USS Liberty is the most decorated ship since WWII, and those decorations didn't come from friendly fire. As the POIC of body recovery and identification I can tell you that I was there. I will bring up more people to testify if you want. I got them standing in line."

  • ___________________________________________

    From Remmic Lewis: "How is every possible effort to destroy a United States Naval Ship an accident? Was the 18 hour wait for assistance an accident too? Doug is under Zionist hypnosis.

    The USS Liberty attack being an accident is as believable as 19 men armed with boxcutters (directed by a man who died in 2001) pulling off the most sophisticated defeat of the most heavily-defended airspace in the world. 19 hijackers aka "Islamists" - devout religious fundamentalists who liked to drink alcohol, snort cocaine and spend time with strippers - managed to knock down 3 buildings with 2 planes in New York, while in Washington a pilot who couldn’t handle a single engine Cessna was able to fly a 757 in an 8,000 foot descending 270 degree corskscrew turn to come exactly level with the ground, hitting the Pentagon in the budget analyst office where DoD staffers were working on the case of the 2.3 trillion dollars that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld had announced “missing” from the Pentagon’s coffers in a press conference the day before."

  • ___________________________________________

    FROM R Larry Weaver: "Ya know, I have had this happen many times, Just ask the ASSHOLE (DOUG MARTIN), just where was he June 8th 1967? Then tell him I was trapped on the Fantail under fire from UNMARKED ISRAELI JETS, I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. If he wants me as a guest I'd be glad to set him straight! A LIE IS STILL A LIE AFTER 47 YEARS! You can Quote all of this if you want. It's just that if I jump on every person that believes the "LIE" I wouldn't be able to Live my LIFE, Which I am doing "IN MEMORY OF THOSE SHIPMATES THAT WERE MURDERED JUNE 8 1967!"

  • _____________________________________________

    Phillip Tourney To Mr. Zionist Doug Martin, collaborator and cover-up artist for the Zionist state of Israel. You are as guilty of murder as the blood thirsty thugs, the Israelis, who viciously murdered 34 of my crew mates and wounded 174 others, including myself. On June 8, 1967, our ship, the USS LIBERTY, was clearly marked and flying the American flag, as always. We were identified by our murderers as an American ship, the USS LIBERTY in international waters doing what our government ordered us to do. Over 800 canon and rocket holes were in our ship, along with over 5000 armor piercing bullets. Napalm was burning us up and we had a 40' x 40' hole in our starboard side when one of five torpedoes hit us in the communications area of the ship. Twenty five national security agency personnel were instantly blown to bits. These were the most trusted men in the armed forces of the United States of America working directly for the national security agency. In this 2 hour blood bath that lasted as long as the attack on Pearl Harbor, help was denied us by the president of the United States himself, recalling rescue aircraft that were on their way to help us, only 15 minutes away. We were set up to be murdered by our own government and the hit men were the blood thirsty Israelis. We were ordered by Admiral Isaac Kidd never to speak about this act of war and war crimes committed against the crew of the USS LIBERTY as well as the citizens of the United States of America. You, Sir, are disgusting, an un-American, and an Israeli apologist, just as our bought and paid for congress are who get on their knees and are nothing more than boot lickers to their masters in Tel Aviv. The survivors, their families, and friends of this dispicable cover up will not allow scum like you to disrespect our fallen heros from our gallant crew of the USS LIBERTY

  • http://www.amazon.com/Israels-Holocaust-Servicemen-LIBERTY-Aftermath/dp/1450715540/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1403278093&sr=1-1&keywords=what+i+saw+that+day+tourney_____________________________________________

    George Sokol to Doug Martin: When you see my cover picture on my page that is where I was on June 8& 9th 1967. when we went to General quarters we were told that the Liberty was under attack by unknown air and naval forces. Every account states that there were no markings on the airplanes. The ship's communications were jammed. Now 'splain to me that the Egyptians had been at war for three days before the attack so they didn't need to hide their identity from them and the Russians were trying to cover their own asses ( the America told them if they kept screwing around they might live to regret it. ) The next day, from the flight deck of the USS America, as the Liberty became visible on the horizon the flag's white stripes looked like tiny strobes as the wind moved and the sun hit them. that was some 20mi away. Covered with soot and blood her name and numbers still proudly proclaimed I AM AMERICAN1


    Cat Faber:

    Fif**** years after the attack, an Israeli pilot approached Liberty

    survivors and then held extensive interviews with former Congressman Paul N. (Pete) McCloskey about his role. According to this senior Israeli lead pilot, he recognized the Liberty as American immediately, so informed his headquarters, and was told to ignore the American flag and continue his attack. He refused to do so and returned to base, where he was arrested.

    Later, a dual-citizen Israeli major told survivors that he was in an Israeli
    war room where he heard that pilot's radio report. The attacking pilots and
    everyone in the Israeli war room knew that they were attacking an American ship, the major said. He recanted the statement only after he received threatening phone calls from Israel.

    The pilot's protests also were heard by radio monitors in the U.S. Embassy
    in Lebanon. Then-U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dwight Porter has confirmed this. Porter told his story to syndicated columnists Rowland Evans and Robert Novak and offered to submit to further questioning by authorities.
    Unfortunately, no one in the U.S. government has any interest in hearing
    these first-person accounts of Israeli treachery.

    Key members of the Lyndon Johnson administration have long agreed that this attack was no accident. Perhaps most outspoken is former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Thomas Moorer. "I can never accept the claim that this was a mistaken attack, " he insists. Former Secretary of State Dean Rusk is equally outspoken, calling the attack deliberate in press and radio interviews. Similarly strong language comes from top leaders of the Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency (some of whose personnel were among the victims), National Security Council, and from presidential advisers such as Clark Clifford, Joseph Califano and Lucius Battle.

    A top-secret ****ysis of Israel's excuse conducted by the Department of
    State found Israel's story to be untrue. Yet Israel and its defenders
    continue to stand by their claim that the attack was a "tragic accident" in
    which Israel mistook the most modern electronic surveillance vessel in the
    world for a rusted-out 40-year-old Egyptian horse transport. Despite the
    evidence, no U.S. administration has never found the courage to defy the
    Israeli lobby by publicly demanding a proper accounting from Israel.

    The pilot's protests also were heard by radio monitors in the U.S. Embassy
    in Lebanon. Then-U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dwight Porter has confirmed this. Porter told his story to syndicated columnists Rowland Evans and Robert Novak and offered to submit to further questioning by authorities.
    Unfortunately, no one in the U.S. government has any interest in hearing
    these first-person accounts of Israeli treachery.


    "The US military rank and file are waking up to the truth that Israel has been attacking our country under false flag operations from The Lavon Affair to the USS Liberty to 9/11 and Benghazi with traitors who infiltrated our government issuing stand down orders. Well yesterday, Obama described 9/11 as 'small evil minds conspiring' if people are conspiring it means they are creating a conspiracy. Words in presidential speeches are chosen with care and this is a clear message that current leadership is aware of Israeli tactics of murder, lies, and theft. May the days to justice for the USS Liberty and 9/11 victims be few. Stay strong all who honor truth and justice." ...Captain Joe Camera USN (Ret.)

  • .

    Testimonial of Jerry Hamby (Aboard the USS America on June 7th 1967)

    I entered the Navy June 5th 1964, after graduating from high school. I attended basic at Great Lakes training center North Chicago . After basic I went to Navy Electronics class A school at Great Lakes and went through the Radar section of the equipment phase. After graduating from there I was assigned to the USS AMERICA,  CVA-66, our newest aircraft carrier which was home ported in Norfolk Va.   After a few short cruises to the Caribbean and the area around St Thomas etc, we came back and were deployed to the Mediterranean Sea   ( Navy's 6th fleet) for 9 months.

    During this cruise, I was flown back to the states to attend the  AN/SPN-10  air traffic control radar school at Glynco NAS , Ga.   After graduating from this school and returning to the ship, this was my primary job assignment.
     After this cruise we returned to the states and after a few months we again were deployed to the 6th fleet. This cruise was for 8 months and this is where we were when the 6 day war broke out and on June the 8th we were alerted to a distress call from one of our ships saying "we are being attacked, send assistance".  The rest is history.
    I was assigned to the SPN-10  aircraft landing radar system and my battle station was in the equipment rooms for this radar that were located in the rear of the island. Our equipment rooms were on the 05 and 06 levels which are two and three decks above the flight deck.

    This was the only equipment located in the rear most section of the island and there was nothing on the deck below us or the deck above us.  One level up was access to the outside where there was a catwalk that ran on both sides and the rear of the island. You could walk around to the outboard side or to the inboard side that gave the full view of the rear 2/3rds of the flight deck. This is where I spent many hours when not needed for watch or equipment work. 

    I was here when I first heard of the attack on "one of our ships".

    It was probably 15 minutes or so before we got more information of the ship under attack. 
    The air wing had recently launched around 18 aircraft or so for their normal air operations.
    The next thing I heard was the Air Boss announcing that "we have received orders to recover all aircraft and stand by for further instructions". I watched them recover these aircraft and with much activity within probably 20 minutes or so EVERY AIRCRAFT that could be, was fully armed and ready for combat. 

    There were 4 Phantom Fighters that were fully armed that were launched to provide screen protection for the ship.
    Over the next hour or so there were medical personnel along with stacks of medical supplies, stretchers etc brought up to the flight deck just below where I was during the whole time.

    I will never forget that day as the "day they took the safety off".  It seemed that we were going to war somewhere but we were not sure where or with whom.
    Next day we did come along side the Liberty along with the
    destroyer,  USS DAVIS    DD 937.  All three of our ships were dead in the water "stopped". With our helicopter carrying personnel and medical supplies between ships.
    The rest is pretty much burned into memory, as I will never forget what I saw. The very fact that this ship could float with the large 30-40 foot hole in the side along with all the damage due to rockets, machine gun fire and napalm that burned much of the bridge, was nothing less that a miracle.
    Reports said that this attack was "a mistake" which is surely a lie for one thing the ship was flying an American flag, the weather was clear, this was midday local time and the side numbers are large enough to be seen clearly from a long distance. These numbers may be seen in any of the photos of the ship. It also had the name " Liberty " across the stern. Also, this would be the longest mistaken attack in history of naval warfare.
    Many of the injured and dead were brought over to our medical facilities and we did get to talk with a few of them over the next few days.  We had a memorial service on the flight deck next day or so with those who could make it were there many in wheel chairs, on crutches etc.
    One of the crew told us that the gunners were wounded or killed before they could get to the four 50 cal machine gun stations on the ship. These guns were no match for the tremendous fire power that was that this ship received.
    While I have done much research on this attack and have many files from then (which can't be believed for the most part) and many that have come available in the last few years, along with the voice recordings of President Johnson saying that "I want that GD ship on the bottom".  I find this later information very disturbing that our president would willingly sacrifice an American ship with all hands so that he could initiate another war.

    USS Liberty Survivors available to be interviewed at any time:

    Larry Bowen in Maryland - Ph: (410) 551-3647, Email: larryb1946@verizon.net

    Larry Broyles in Tennessee (USS Davis – Rescue Ship) - Ph: (731) 412-8958, Email: larrybroyles46@yahoo.com

    Larry Broyles
    I am a supporter for the USS Liberty AGTR-5, I have some very strong ties to this great ship and crew members that have struggled for justice and Honor to be bestowed upon the 34 killed, 174 wounded, families and the survivors for the last 49 years.... I was a USS Davis DD937 Rescue, Damage Control and Repair Team member that Boarded the Liberty in the early morning hours June 9th 1967... We were actually detached from the 6th Fleet around 3 PM on June 8 under verbal orders to go the Liberty to protect, assist the wounded, preserve the dead perform ships restoration of all sea going systems and shore the bulkheads to keep her from sinking to the bottom of the sea... I spend 5-6 days on the Liberty and was continuously trying to improve systems to keep her afloat and get her into Valletta, Malta...I saw the horrific damage that the Israeli forces deliberately attacked wave after wave to sink her with everything they had and even hit her with a torpedo that sent a 25x45 hole on the starboard side all the way to the other side....Yes it warped the internal bulkheads below the water line and yes the Davis and Liberty engineering crew was put below the water line locked into compartment spaces to shore these bulkheads... Yes, locked and dogged down hatches for no escape should the stretched bulkheads giveway.... Yes we were expendable for the remaining crew on deck.... We had to shore these ballooned steel walls or would of went to the bottom.....It is time for the American citizens to come to the aid of these Navy men and demand Justice from the U. S. Government ...........Would I do it again ?? absolutely, God was and is still with us............Larry Broyles, USS Davis DD937.

    Dan Byrd in Indiana - Ph: (812) 422-4648, Email: steelbyrd@yahoo.com

    Ernie Gallo in Florida (President – Liberty Veterans Association) - Ph: (386) 446-6855, Email: ernie7900@aol.com

    Ron Kukal in Wyoming (Chaplain – Liberty Veterans Association) - Ph: (307) 752-6693, Email: zkukal@yahoo.com

    Dave Lewis in Vermont - Ph: (802) 277-8379, Email: dedwinlewis@gmail.com

    Bryce Lockwood in Missouri - Ph: (417) 736-3089, Email: brycelockwood@sbcglobal.net

    Donald Pageler in California - Ph: (714) 893-3908, Email: donpageler@earthlink.net

    Moe Shafer in Georgia - Ph: (770) 363-3986, Email: moe.shafer@harbingernational.com

    George Sokol in Arizona (USS America – Rescue Ship) - Ph: (520) 509-5749, Email: geosokol@msn.com

    Larry Thorn in Mexico - Ph: 011-52-622-226-1445, Email: libertybetrayed@prodigy.net.mx

    Phil Tourney in Colorado (Past President – Liberty Veterans Association) - Ph: (970) 201-7612, Email: tonktime5@tds.net

    Richard Larry Weaver in Hawaii - Ph: (808) 874-0201, Email: whalesharkrider@gmail.com




    The 50th anniversary of the June 8, 1967 deliberate Israeli attack on the USS Liberty has come and gone. Most of the survivors who are available for interviews and appearances were in Virginia from Thursday, June 8th (Arlington National Cemetery) thru Sunday, June 11th (50th Reunion in Norfolk).

    Below is a list of 14 USS Liberty Survivors and Rescuers who are currently available for interviews and appearances. The list includes the city and state of each, as well as their email address. We encourage as many people as possible to try and help these guys get media attention (interviews, etc.) and personal appearances in the coming weeks surrounding the 50th anniversary of the June 8, 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. Please use the search tools linked below for help in locating media and veterans groups in each man's locality. Thank you.

    (1) Larry Bowen in Hanover, Maryland; larryb1946@verizon.net,    (2) Larry Broyles in Savannah, Tennessee; larrybroyles46@yahoo.com,    (3) Dan Byrd in Evansville, Indiana; steelbyrd@yahoo.com,    (4) Ernie Gallo in Palm Coast, Florida; ernie7900@aol.com,    (5) Ron Kukal in Sheridan, Wyoming; zkukal@yahoo.com,    (6) Dave Lewis in Canaan, Vermont; dedwinlewis@gmail.com,    (7) Bryce Lockwood in Strafford, Missouri; brycelockwood@sbcglobal.net,    (8) Joe Meadors in Corpus Christi, Texas; joe@ussliberty.com,    (9) Donald Pageler in Westminster, California; donpageler@earthlink.net,    (10) Moe Shafer in Atlanta, Georgia; moe.shafer@harbingernational.com,    (11) George Sokol in Casa Grande, Arizona; geosokol@msn.com,    (12) Larry Thorn in Mexico; libertybetrayed@prodigy.net.mx,    (13) Phil Tourney in Grand Junction, Colorado; phil@erasingtheliberty.com,    (14) Richard Larry Weaver in Wailuku, Hawaii; whalesharkrider@gmail.com

    Click on this text to see video & hear THE BALLAD OF THE USS LIBERTY by Chuck Maultsby & Friends...










    Visalian receives Silver Star medal (Terry Halbardier)
    Lewis Griswold
    Fresno Bee
    May 27, 2009


    The spy ship USS Liberty was sailing off the coast of Egypt on June 8, 1967, under clear skies when, without warning, Israeli military aircraft began strafing the ship with 20-caliber rounds, sending shrapnel everywhere and demolishing virtually every antenna on the ship.


    It was the fourth day of the Six-Day War between Israel and neighboring Arab states.


    The strafing lasted about an hour, then a torpedo hit the ship's right side, killing 26 men. Electronics technician Terry Halbardier, 23, was hit by shrapnel in both arms, body and left leg, but he kept going.


    Forty-two years after the USS Liberty was attacked by Israel, electronics technician James Halbardier was awarded a Silver Star by the Navy.


    A 24-foot whip antenna on the ship's left side toward the rear had somehow escaped damage, but the cable connecting it to a transmitter was destroyed. Halbardier ordered a reel of cable. With planes still strafing the ship, he ran onto the deck and attached new wire to the antenna so a radioman could send out a Mayday distress signal to the U.S. Sixth Fleet, which also was in the Mediterranean Sea.


    The attack finally ended -- but 34 were dead and 171 wounded out of 294 officers and enlisted crew members.


    Halbardier's heroism under fire 42 years ago earned him a Silver Star -- the third most prestigious medal after the Medal of Honor and the Navy Cross. The medal was finally awarded to him Wednesday in Visalia.


    "I may be the lucky sailor to wear this, but it took us all that day," Halbardier said after Rep. Devin Nunes pinned the medal on him. "I didn't do anything more than anyone else."


    Halbardier's "conspicuous gallantry" under fire "were instrumental in saving the ship and hundreds of lives," according to the citation signed by the Secretary of the Navy. Shipmates say they believe that if the antenna hadn't been fixed and the Mayday sent by Morse code, the ship would have been sunk.


    To this day, the attack remains controversial. Israel apologized and said the Liberty had been mistaken for an Egyptian ship. It paid reparations.


    But the crew of Liberty remains convinced Israel meant to sink the ship. Theories abound as to why.


    Ray McGovern, a retired CIA analyst who attended Wednesday's Silver Star ceremony and has had a longtime interest in the Liberty attack, said there's speculation that Israeli didn't want the U.S. electronic surveillance spy ship listening in on Israeli military communications as it was about to take the Golan Heights. Another is that Egypt could have been easily blamed for a sunken ship with no survivors, giving the U.S. a pretext to attack Cairo and kill President Nasser.


    Whatever the case, the Mayday was answered by the USS Saratoga, which sent helicopters to fight off the Liberty's attackers -- only to recall them before they arrived. Officials said Israel by then had communicated an apology to the United States. Halbardier said Liberty crew members are suspicious of the official Navy investigation but believe the Mayday caused a chain of events that "forced Israel to back off."


    At any rate, after the Liberty limped into Malta for repairs, an admiral gathered the remaining crew members and warned them not to talk to reporters, tell drinking buddies at bars about it, wear clothing with Liberty markings on shore leave or even tell their wives what happened, Halbardier told reporters Wednesday. As a low-ranking crew member, he said, the warning was taken seriously.


    So he kept quiet. He left the Navy in 1970 and became a real estate investor, first in Texas and then later after moving to Visalia. But 20 years ago, he started going to reunions. A few years ago, two ex-officers from the Liberty talked him into seeking a commendation for repairing the antenna. Nunes' office made the official request, and the officers wrote letters explaining what Halbardier did that day.


    Halbardier, now 65, said he thought he might get a letter of commendation, or maybe a Bronze Star. He never thought he'd get the Silver Star. "I'm stoked," Halbardier said. "This is an extreme honor for me."


    The wording in the official citation caught the attention of Halbardier and of David Pageler of Westminster, a fellow former crew member.


    They noted that all previous citations for Liberty crew members have never mentioned Israel by name, just "attack by enemy aircraft." This one specifically states: "The USS Liberty was attacked by Israeli aircraft and motor torpedo boats in the East Mediterranean Sea on the fourth day of the Six Day War."


    "We need another investigation" of the Liberty incident, Halbardier said: "It's not going to happen in our lifetime, but the truth will someday come out."



    Richard Larry Weaver
    USS Liberty Survivor

    "The Flag got in the way!"

    "It's not what's true about Americans, it's
    what's true about Washington; what's
    true about the government in Israel;
    and what's true about Israel and
    my own government together!"
    "That's the torpedo that hit the USS Liberty!"

    USS Liberty at sea after the Israeli attack, and in dry dock.
    "Our own American ship fired upon us!!"

    USS Amberjack (SS-522)
    "The submarine was reportedly in the vicinity of
    the USS Liberty (AGTR-5) and filmed the attack of 
    8 June 1967 on the ship by IDF planes." - Wikipedia








    Fifty Years Of Occupation

    By Chuck Baldwin 
    February 8, 2018


    On TheIntercept.com website, Mehdi Hasan had the courage to write what should have been written 50 years ago. Hasan writes, “Fifty years ago, between June 5 and June 10, 1967, Israel invaded and occupied East Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and the Golan Heights. The Six-Day War, as it would later be dubbed, saw the Jewish David inflict a humiliating defeat on the Arab Goliath, personified perhaps by Gamal Abdel Nasser’s Egypt.


    “‘The existence of the Israeli state hung by a thread,’ the country’s prime minister, Levi Eshkol, claimed two days after the war was over, ‘but the hopes of the Arab leaders to annihilate Israel were dashed.’ Genocide, went the argument, had been prevented; another Holocaust of the Jews averted.


    “There is, however, a problem with this argument: It is complete fiction, a self-serving fantasy constructed after the event to justify a war of aggression and conquest. Don’t take my word for it: ‘The thesis according to which the danger of genocide hung over us in June 1967, and according to which Israel was fighting for her very physical survival, was nothing but a bluff which was born and bred after the war,’ declared Gen. Matituahu Peled, chief of logistical command during the war and one of 12 members of Israel’s General Staff, in March 1972.


    “A year earlier, Mordechai Bentov, a member of the wartime government and one of 37 people to sign Israel’s Declaration of Independence, had made a similar admission. ‘This whole story about the threat of extermination was totally contrived, and then elaborated upon, a posteriori, to justify the annexation of new Arab territories,’ he said in April 1971.


    “Even Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, former terrorist and darling of the Israeli far right, conceded in a speech in August 1982 that ‘in June 1967 we had a choice. The Egyptian army concentrations in the Sinai approaches did not prove that Nasser was really about to attack us. We must be honest with ourselves. We decided to attack him.’”


    And let’s not forget: Israel not only decided to attack Nasser, but it also decided to attack the USS Liberty (with unmarked aircraft), killing 34 American Sailors and Marines—trying to make it look like Egypt attacked our ship, in the hopes that America would jump into the war on Israel’s side. I am personally convinced that President Lyndon Johnson and Defense Secretary Robert McNamara conspired with Israel to carry out this attack—even going so far as ordering U.S. jets that were responding to the Liberty’s distress calls to turn around and leave the ship to sink. Only an act of God kept that ship afloat. No one was supposed to survive to tell what really happened. But there were survivors. The survivors were ordered to keep silent about the attack, but, thankfully, several brave crew members have spent their lives trying to tell the American people the truth about Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty.


    One of those survivors has become a friend of mine—a Christian man who watches my messages at Liberty Fellowship and follows this national column. His name is Ron Kukal. He recently spoke at Liberty Fellowship. More importantly, he co-authored a tell-all book about the attack on the USS Liberty. The book is entitled “Remember The LIBERTY!” And I am proud to be a distributor of this incredible book. I urge readers to order copies for themselves and for as many friends as they can. Along with the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963, the seizure of the USS Pueblo in 1968, and the 9/11/01 attacks, Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 is one of the most egregious examples of a national cover-up that has ever taken place in this country.


    Order the blockbuster book “Remember The LIBERTY!” here:

    Remember The LIBERTY!


    Here is the service at Liberty Fellowship in which Ron Kukal spoke:

    Liberty Fellowship: Your Faith Is Spread Abroad   


    And here is an interview I had with Ron on the 50th Anniversary of the Liberty attack:

    My Interview With A USS Liberty Survivor


    Hasan continues: “The reverberations of that attack are still being felt in the Middle East today. Few modern conflicts have had as deep and long-lasting an impact as the Six-Day War. As U.S. academic and activist Thomas Reifer has observed, it sounded the ‘death knell of pan-Arab nationalism, the rise of political Islam … a more independent Palestinian nationalism’ and ‘Israel’s emergence as a U.S. strategic asset, with the United States sending billions of dollars … in a strategic partnership unequalled in world history.’


    “Above all else, the war, welcomed by the London Daily Telegraph in 1967 as ‘the triumph of the civilized,’ forced another 300,000 Palestinians from their homes and ushered in a brutal military occupation for the million-odd Palestinians left behind.


    “The conflict itself may have lasted only six days, but the occupation that followed is now entering its sixth decade — the longest military occupation in the world. Apologists for Israel often deny that it is an occupation and say the Occupied Territories are merely ‘disputed,’ a disingenuous claim belied by Israel’s own Supreme Court, which ruled in 2005 that the West Bank is ‘held by the State of Israel in belligerent occupation.’


    “Fifty long years of occupation; of dispossession and ethnic cleansing; of house demolitions and night curfews; of checkpoints, walls, and permits.


    “Fifty years of bombings and blockades; of air raids and night raids; of ‘targeted killings’ and ‘human shields’; of tortured Palestinian kids.


    “Fifty years of racial discrimination and ethnic prejudice; of a ‘separate but unequal’ two-tier justice system for Palestinians and Israelis; of military courts and ‘administrative detention.’


    “Fifty years of humiliation and subjugation; of pregnant Palestinian women giving birth at checkpoints; of Palestinian cancer patients denied access to radiation therapy; of Palestinian footballers prevented from reaching their matches.


    “Fifty years of pointless negotiations and failed peace plans: Allon, Rogers, Fahd, Fez, Reagan, Madrid, Oslo, Wye River, Camp David, Taba, Red Sea, Annapolis. What did they deliver for the occupied Palestinians? Aside from settlements, settlements, and more settlements? Consider: In 1992, a year before the Oslo peace process began, West Bank settlements covered 77 kilometers and housed 248,000 Israeli settlers. By 2016, those settlements covered 197 kilometers and the number of settlers living in them had more than tripled to 763,000.”


    Hasan concluded: “It wasn’t just the 1967 war that was launched on a lie; so too was the occupation that began after it. It was never supposed to be temporary, nor were the Palestinians ever supposed to get their land back. If Israel had planned to withdraw from the Occupied Territories, as some of its supporters suggest, then why was the first settlement in the West Bank, Kfar Etzion, established less than four months after the Six-Day War, in defiance of ‘top-secret’ advice from the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s legal adviser that ‘civilian settlement’ in the territories would contravene ‘the explicit provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention’? Why has it revoked the residency rights of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank over the past 50 years? Why has the Jewish state spent the past five decades exploiting the charade of a ‘peace process’ to gobble up more Palestinian land and build more illegal settlements? The truth is that the Jewish state, from the very beginning, ‘used negotiations as a smokescreen to advance its colonial project,’ to borrow a line from imprisoned Palestinian militant and activist Marwan Barghouti. Fifty years on, it is time for both the Palestinian leadership and the international community to stop pretending otherwise.


    “The legendary Israeli general and Defense Minister Moshe Dayan, who was one of the architects of Israel’s victory in 1967 and was adamant that the country should hold onto the territories it had seized, best summed up the cynical attitude of Israeli governments of both right and left over the past five decades. ‘The only peace negotiations,’ pronounced Dayan, when asked about the possibility of a peace deal with the Palestinians in November 1970, ‘are those where we settle the land and we build, and we settle, and from time to time we go to war.’”


    See Mehdi Hasan’s report here:


    A 50-Year Occupation: Israel’s Six-Day War Started With A Lie


    Of course, Israel would have never gotten by with these lies and murders—much less the 50 years of horrific occupation that have followed—except that America’s Christians have been hoodwinked into believing that the Rothschild Zionist State of Israel created in 1948 is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy; that the Zionists in Israel are “God’s chosen people”; and that the land of Palestine (extending to the boundaries of Old Testament Israel under kings David and Solomon) has been given to Rothschild’s Israel by God. Therefore, they believe anything Israel does—no matter how evil and murderous it is (including murdering 34 American servicemen)—is sanctioned by God, and Christians must support it.


    The erroneous misapplication of prophetic scriptures to the modern Zionist State of Israel has created a political and military monster that is devouring the entire planet. Israel’s military invasion of Egypt (including the attack against the USS Liberty) should have awakened the Christian world to the diabolical plans and purposes of Zionism, but instead it enveloped the eyes of the Christian world with the darkest of blindfolds.  


    Millions of Christians became Zionists in 1967.


    I cannot count the number of times I’ve heard well-meaning Christians say, “The modern State of Israel must be a fulfillment of Bible prophecy. After all, look at what happened in 1967.”


    Well, look at what happened in China in 1949. I guess the communist revolution in that country must have been the fulfillment of some kind of Bible prophecy, because look how “God” gave communists the victory in China. And make no mistake about it: China’s communists are no more atheist than Israel’s Zionists.


    Thanks to beguiled Christians in America, along with the sheer power and force of the U.S. military, C.I. Scofield’s dispensationalism has been the single most influential factor in turning the old American republic into a new American empire—an empire devoted to fighting endless wars for Zionist Israel abroad, while also allowing Zionism to destroy America’s Christian culture at home.


    The vast majority of America’s televangelists and radio broadcasters are Christian Zionists. Many, if not most, of the largest churches in America are led by Christian Zionists. A large percentage of America’s Christian colleges, universities, and seminaries are led by Christian Zionists. And these Christian Zionists continue to regurgitate the lie that Israel was invaded during the Six-Day War, when actually Israel was the invader. And they also continue to ignore Israel’s brutal fifty-year occupation of Palestine.



    © Chuck Baldwin





    "ERASING THE LIBERTY" MOVIE PROJECT..... http://usslibertymovie.com/

    13 July 2016: Michael Rivero’s What Really Happened (1:30:20 to 2:16:09)

    4 August 2016: TBR Radio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

    11 September 2016: Friends of Sabeel North America—Augustana Lutheran Church, Denver, Colorado (no audio or video, sadly)

    16 September 2016: Friends of Sabeel North America—St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, Albuquerque, New Mexico

    21 April 2017: USS Liberty bench dedication Part 1—Veterans Memorial Park, Savannah, Tennessee

    21 April 2017: USS Liberty bench dedication Part 2—Veterans Memorial Park, Savannah, Tennessee

    30 April 2017: Kyle Hunt’s The Solar Storm

    5 May 2017: The Brian Ruhe Show Part 1

    5 May 2017: The Brian Ruhe Show Part 2

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    20 May 2017: Deanna Spingola’s Spingola Speaks

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    26 May 2017: Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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    6 June 2017: Daniel Brigman’s The Power Hour Part 1

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    7 June 2017: AM 1080 KSCO Santa Cruz, California, Georgia Peach’s KSCO Presents Georgia

    8 June 2017: TBR Radio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

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    8 June 2017: John Stadtmiller’s The National Intel Report Hour 1

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    9 August 2017: The Red Elephants’ The Story You NEVER Heard | USS Liberty Survivor Speaks

    8 September 2017: Kenn Gividen’s The Daily Kenn | USS Liberty—What you still don’t know



    In my January 11 column I also said this:

    If you don’t believe there is an ongoing national cover-up to protect Zionist Israel, consider this case history:


    A foreign naval vessel is lumbering in international waters. It is flying a brand new 8’x5’ flag, which unmistakably identifies it as a major ally of the country whose coastline is nearest the ship. The ship’s markings are ten feet high on both sides. It is not a warship. It is an intelligence-gathering ship. For all intents and purposes, it is defenseless against any warship or attack aircraft, having but four .50-calibre Browning machine guns without shrapnel shields as its only offensive weapons. On board are 286 souls.


    Suddenly, and without provocation, the supposed “ally” nation attacks the ship with both warplanes (which were unmarked) and torpedo boats. For over an hour, the helpless ship is riddled with machine-gun fire, rockets, and torpedoes. Within moments, the ship is completely disabled. As it seems certain that the ship will sink, lifeboats are lowered, but the attacking torpedo boats immediately strafe the lifeboats with gunfire. Helicopters from the aggressive country carrying Special Forces troops hover over the ship, which is now listing at nine degrees. Clearly, the attacking country intends that no one survive.


    The ship has no engines, no rudder, and no power. As the Special Forces soldiers from the attacking country are being positioned to launch their final assault, the ship’s Captain barks, “Standby to repel boarders.” One sailor yells, “They’ve come to finish us off.”


    The only thing that saves that ship and those survivors that day is eight warplanes from a nearby aircraft carrier that had heard the initial “Mayday” cry from the ship. This caused the attacking country to withdraw. As it was, 34 of the ship’s officers and crew are killed and only a divine miracle and superhuman Herculean effort from the sailors in the bowels of that steel graveyard keeps that ship afloat. When the attack first began, one general from the attacking country protested to his commanding officer, saying, “This is pure murder.”


    But what the country whose ship was attacked and whose men were killed did is most curious. It did NOTHING. In fact, the government of that country immediately declared that the attack had been a “mistake” and then proceeded to completely cover up what had happened. And to this day, the citizens of that country know almost nothing about what took place on that fateful day.


    The attacking country in the above case was Israel. The country attacked was the United States. The date was June 8, 1967. And the name of the ship was the USS Liberty.


    Can one imagine what U.S. reaction would have been had the USS Liberty been attacked by an Arab nation? Can you imagine how pastors and Christians would have reacted had the attacking country been Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc.? But since the attacking country was Israel, hardly anyone in the United States even knows (or cares) about it.


    Tomorrow (June 8) is the 51st anniversary of Israel’s merciless and unprovoked attack against our country in which 34 U.S. Sailors and Marines were killed and 176 wounded. And as I said, almost no one in America knows anything about it.


    The attack on the USS Liberty joins the assassinations of President John Kennedy and U. S. Senator Robert Kennedy, the shoot-down of TWA flight 800, the capture of the USS Pueblo, the shoot-down of KAL flight 007 and the 9/11 attacks as one of the most covered up atrocities in U.S. history.


    The Zionist influence in Washington, D.C., and especially in the Trump White House is extensive. If the American people truly understood the degree in which a foreign government (Israel) influences (legally and illegally) Congress and the White House (not to mention Wall Street and the Federal Reserve), they would truly throw all of the “bums” out. As it is, Donald Trump is counting on the fact that Robert Mueller is just as compromised by the Israeli lobby as any other politician in Washington, D.C. And he doubtless is.


    So, the conservative Trump toadies and the Christian Israel worshippers can probably relax. Nothing is going to come of the Mueller investigation, and the Trump and Israel conspiracy will remain intact.


    P.S. I am helping the survivors of the Israeli attack against the USS Liberty distribute the tell-all book they wrote that chronicles the true story of what happened on that fateful day of June 8, 1967. One of these Liberty survivors, Ron Kukal, is a co-author of the book and has become a good friend of mine. I am pleased to help Ron and his shipmates get the word out about their fantastic tell-all book Remember The LIBERTY! I urge readers to get as many copies of this book as they can to pass out to their friends and loved ones.


    To show you the depth of this 50-year cover-up of Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty, even the American Legion has denied Liberty survivors a booth at their 2018 national convention. Can you believe that?

    And since it would be too much to expect America’s pastors to educate their church congregations about Israel’s horrific attack, due to their strong bias in favor of Israel, you will need to obtain the information and distribute that information to your friends, loved ones and fellow church members yourself.


    Find the explosive eyewitness true story of the USS Liberty here: Remember The LIBERTY!


    © Chuck Baldwin