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Pro-U.S. Senate Candidate in California Takes on Dianne Feinstein

Marine Corps vet wants to put America first and get out of foreign entanglements

A video of a U.S. Senate candidate scraping his shoes and spitting on an Israeli flag went viral, with a lot of people asking: "Who is this guy?"

So, we caught up with this mystery candidate, who's running in The Golden State to replace 84-year-old Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein, the oldest currently serving U.S. senator.

Feinstein, who has "served" in the Senate since winning a special election in 1992, is known for her ultra-liberal positions as well as her anti-Second Amendment stance. She authored the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban, which expired in 2004, and tried to do it again in 2013, after the suspicious Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. This attempt failed to pass. Feinstein is also a multimillionaire, with a net worth of over $100 million.

Patrick Little, 34, who's polling in second place in California's senate election, was born in New Hampshire but grew up in Maine. He studied overseas for a year in Germany, majored in international business at a U.S. university, received a corporate accounting degree, and decided to get in shape to join the U.S. Marine Corps.

"My father was a Marine Corps veteran of Vietnam," Patrick said. "He was in the Tet Offensive, and sometimes when he got some drinks in him he would talk about Vietnam and it just broke my heart to hear what had happened to him."

Little was stationed at Camp Leatherneck, the 1,600-acre base in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

"I was part of a combat logistics battalion where I spent my entire active duty career," Little said, "and deployed to Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom. I was a Data Network Specialist. I did my four-year honorable contract, got out as a sergeant, and was honorably discharged."

It was soon after that that Little began to question the motives of the "war on terror."

"I was not aware of Jewish supremacists' control our country, this Jewish oligarchy, this international clique that runs our country," he explained.

"I read The Culture of Critique," he said. "I spent the first half of the book trying to disprove everything. Could not disprove a single thing. Most of the things can be verified from Jewish sources. I couldn't believe what was in the book."

Little was referring to The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements, by Dr. Kevin B. MacDonald.

"If you read [the book]," he continued, "you'll understand exactly what has happened to our family unit and how it's intentional. It's not just, 'Oh, it's worse with every generation,' or 'These kids keep getting worse,' as the old timers sometimes say. It's designed. It's a critical theory applied to human societies. This is a deliberate destruction of functional, traditional societies, so that it's easier for a tyrannical group of oligarchs to rule over us."

He decided to put what he had learned into action.

"I finished the book," he said, "and decided, you know what, you can't just sit around reading about Jewish supremacism and Zionism, I gotta go wake people up. In the summer I decided somebody needed to run against Feinstein."

Things happened fast for Little, and on April 24, SurveyUSA, a U.S. polling firm that conducts opinion polls for political candidates and issues, released the results of a poll conducted over the previous week, ranking him in second place—out of 32 candidates—with 18%. Feinstein received 39% and the closest Republican was a full 10 points behind Little. He was also leading the president pro tempore of the California State Senate, Kevin de León, by the same margin.

"At this point, the news blew up," explained Little, "neo-Nazi this, neo-Nazi that."

On May 2, the "fake news" magazine, Newsweek, the failed print publication that transitioned to an all-digital format in 2012, published a hit piece entitled, "Republican Senate Candidate Praises Hitler and Sparks Condemnation from California GOP," calling Little an "extremist." The "article" was timed to have maximum impact before the California Republican Party (CAGOP) convention at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina on May 5.

"I show up to the convention," Little said, "because I'm the top-polling Republican candidate by more than twice the support of anyone else."

His trouble started when he purchased two passes at the VIP registration booth, reserved for leading candidates.

"They processed my credit card until someone figured out I'm the guy that they'd been smearing in the media," he said, "and they said to me right after they processed my credit card, 'Oh, were sorry that the payment processing is down; we can't process your credit card.'"

This in spite of the fact that Little got an email on his cell phone in real time that the payment had been processed.

"They pretty much stole $130 from me," he said.

The CAGOP's next step was to distance themselves from Little.

The failed, disgraced Los Angeles Timespurchased this year by a Chinese industrialist—which has seen its circulation plummet from around 1.2 million in 1990 to less than half that today (still, the fourth-largest circulation among U.S. newspapers), reported that "An anti-Semitic GOP Senate candidate was kicked out of the California Republican Party's convention in San Diego on Saturday morning, with one witness saying he was dragging and kicking an Israeli flag while being escorted out."

Patrick explained what happened while he was still inside the hotel.

"I shot a little video where I said, 'They're kicking me out here. They're calling security to remove me, because I won't leave voluntarily, because I would like to speak for an hour or two in front of the audience, the GOP here, I'm the leading candidate.' I came here with a whole speech to deliver, and I said, 'I'm being removed because I won't support a foreign country.'"

He complied with their request to leave, but not before letting them know his views.

"On the way approaching the door," he said, "I reached into a little bag I had with me and pulled out an Israeli flag that I had all unfurled, and I threw it under my foot and I said, 'I'm dragging this thing out the door with me.' So, I dragged it under my foot the whole way out to the edge of the property line, and then security made me move even further away, all the way out to the sidewalk. And at that point, the police had been called on me."

The two San Diego cops, both military vets, simply asked Little not to burn the Zionist flag, although he had no lighter nor any intention to do so.

Little made a video soon after, the video that went around the world.

"My blood was up; I probably sounded a little angry," he said. "I did not expect to get kicked out, especially having been the leading candidate by more than twice the margin of the other challengers. I got emails from all over the world showing their support and solidarity against Jewish supremacism and Zionism."

Californians go to the polls on June 5 to vote in the primaries, and the one thing Patrick needs more than anything else is money, especially if he wins the GOP primary.

"During this primary election the most I can receive from any person's combined contributions is $2,700 and zero cents," Patrick explained.

After the primary, no limits apply, thanks to Citizens United v. FEC.

"This train isn't stopping," he said, "even if they somehow keep me out of the top two in this primary. So, if you can help spread the word or you can spare some funds, has all the information you need. Anything helps."










Campaign Slogan: Liberate the US from the Jewish Oligarchy


While I am looking to represent all US Citizens in California, I am a white advocate.


There is systematic discrimination and incitement against European-descended Americans, and I want to crush manifestations of anti-White racism in US institutions.



  • Merit-based employment in all government agencies and all institutions which receive funds from the Federal and State Governments.

  • Limiting representation of Jews in the government, to include judgeships, to number proportional to their percentage of the US population.

  • Introduce legislation outlawing lobbying efforts of foreign governments, specifically those of the terrorist state of Israel (AIPAC, ADL, etc).

  • Introduce Senate resolution condemning Israel for terrorist attacks on the USS Liberty and US bases during the Lavon Affair

  • Put to rest the issue of slavery in the US by introducing a bill ending all foreign aid to Israel, and giving the US population of blacks descended of African slaves in the US a one time payment. This payment will be equivalent to the next ten years of aid to Israel divided by the number of recipients.  Enshrined in this bill will be a permanent ban on providing foreign aid to Israel, including a death penalty for any politician introducing a bill that would lead to foreign aid to Israel.

  • Introduce a bill to fund research into implementing my Mars Impact Theory, the redirection of asteroids to a collision path with Mars such that the planet would have its magnetosphere and atmosphere restored for later colonization and mineral exploitation by the US government and potentially any partners in colonization.

  • Introduction of a bill to the Senate proposing the immediate dismissal of the necessary number of Jewish jurists that would reduce their representation in federal courts and the supreme court to a number representative of their percentage of the US population.

  • Introduction of a bill that would lead to the embargoing of Israel until they agree to repay all foreign aid previously rendered, as well as reparations to families of the victims of Jewish terrorist attacks on the US.

  • Introduce a bill to the US Senate making it illegal to raise funds for any foundation related to the perpetuating of propaganda related to a ‘holocaust’, formally making US’s stance on the holocaust to be that it is a Jewish war atrocity propaganda hoax that never happened.

  • Introduce legislation restoring immigration policy in the US such that the 1965 Immigration Act is repealed and restoring the policies of the National Origins Act.

  • Introduce legislation restoring the original intent of the Constitution, explicitly stating that the United States is a ethnically European nation.

  • Campaign Finance reform: Make it illegal for corporations or lobbies of foreign governments to donate to candidates or political action committees.  Outlaw all lobbies except non-profit lobbies that work to protect the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the US Constitution

  • Nationalize Google, Facebook, Twitter, and all other natural monopolies in the IT industry.