(((Cloward, Piven, Alinsky))) and the Deliberate Takedown of America

By Russ Winter of The New Nationalist




Among the various conspiracy realities is the Cabal’s interest in raiding and dissolving worker pensions. For example, the state of Illinois announced payments to pensioners will be “delayed.” The same for Dallas police. The news should be alarming to other pensioners around the U.S. One could be forgiven for speculating that this is a straight-up demolition project. And to think that this is happening with bubbles still in bloom. What happens when those are popped?


I would go so far as to call it a deliberate Cloward-Piven-Alinsky “project” to take down America. Unlike mainstream media, I do not hesitate calling out so-called “intellectuals” Cloward, Piven and Alinsky as psychopaths as well as Jews, which is not coincidental. For those of you who scoff or have no interpretive framework with my ongoing references to Luciferians, let it be noted that Alinsky dedicated his book “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer himself.




Final Verdict on the Obama Regime: Lucifer Would Say a Job Well Done



As you may recall, Obama established himself as a Chicago political player by associating with the wealthy, influential and leftist Ayers family, which also happens to be Jewish. The Ayers sponsored Obama’s early political aspirations and brought in their Trojan-horse Jewish associates, such as psychopathic Rahm “Run Red Lights” Emanuel, David Axelrod, Penny Pritzker and Valarie Jarret. Throughout Obama’s years in the White House, their ongoing influence could be seen, one after another, after another. Some describe it as “Zionist Occupied Government,” or ZOG for short.


This Fifth Column is heavily represented at the highest levels of finance and foreign policy. I submit that Likudnik Donald Trump is a branch of this regime and represents the persona to throw “the match” on the fuel that Obama and his cadre built. More on this in tomorrow’s post on the Trumpian phase.

Are these members of the Fifth Column doing a good job for America? That’s for you to decide. In my view, if these were football coaches of losing teams, their asses would have been fired long, long ago. If they were a clan of wealthy Swedes working a power agenda in America, I would be just as outraged. But if you’re still not connecting the dots, consider the following headline from the Times of Israel during the 2012 Presidential election.





Obama adopted the teachings of Alinsky, which include the philosophy of disorganizing to reorganize and tearing down to rebuild. A key theorem of Alinsky, Cloward and Piven involves “overwhelming the system” until it snaps. Obama taught classes on the concept in Chicago. As a Chicago community organizer, he spearheaded Alinsky-inspired voter fraud campaigns. The following wake-up message from Judith Morant is apropos:


The greatest conspiracies are not actually hidden, just fragmented into different pieces, like a puzzle, right before our eyes.



Front and center to this scheme, the hoards of refugees and illegals being brought over the borders of Europe and America so as to burden their systems even more. Squandering and looting America’s wealth via neocon warmongering and Middle East Zionist destabilization fits quite well into the take-down model.


Having lived in an international city in Central Europe for several of years, I can tell you that Europeans now generally consider Americans to be among the dumbest people on the planet. Putin, who surely understands and perpetuates this sentiment, recently called Americans “mush-brained,” or “oatmeal-brained.” Unfortunately, and sadly, when the takedown gets into full gear, I don’t think Americans as a people will get any sympathy or help from abroad. Americans as individuals are no longer getting a pass. I no longer hear the ol’ Bush-era refrain,”We like Americans, but not your government.”

Click on this text to see the typically tratorious Senator Chuck Schumer (Jew) verify that Obama was a creation on powerful Jewish families in Chicago... on so on.

The only thing worse than being played the fool is remaining a fool.