Welcome to Stormfront. There are a variety of "triggers" that can cause an otherwise "normal" White person to arrive here and want to listen, at least a little, to what "racists" have to say. Perhaps your neighborhood is becoming increasingly "dark" and it's getting to be time to move out ... yet again. Perhaps you wonder why the United States military is running around the globe getting involved in this-that-or-the-other Third World conflict, while the United States and Europe are being overrun with Third World immigrants. Maybe you have become alarmed by all the Mexicans, Africans or Muslims who are coming into and taking over your country or state. Perhaps you find it strange that Whites are prohibited from having a racial collective identity, while every other racial group is rewarded and encouraged to openly and zealously pursue their own group interests. Maybe you're bothered by the fact that if 40% of Whites vote for Obama, and 99% of Blacks do so, Whites are the ones called "racist". Maybe you have been wondering why the media, government and schools are so obviously and increasingly anti-White. Perhaps you got passed over for a promotion (or school admission) by the latest affirmative action hire. Maybe you've noticed that it is very strange to observe the growing national "debt" of governments which always seem to have to borrow ever more money, yet they never seem to be credited whenever new money is created. Perhaps you're bothered by how someone like Obama, with such a mysterious and shadowy background who hasn't even provided college transcripts, can seemingly come out of nowhere as a media darling and go on to become the president of the United States (and for those in Europe, the strange and harmful leadership of the European Union). Maybe you have become one of the millions of White victims of "multicultural enrichment".

So, what the heck is wrong in the world?

Well, if you are looking for the answer, you sure have come to the right place. But, be forewarned, the truth can be difficult to bear. I don't promise it will be easy, only that it is the truth. If given a choice, most people will choose a comforting delusion over an uncomfortable truth. It has been said that the love of money is the root of all evil, but maybe now there is a greater sin - the love of delusion, which ultimately is responsible for most of the suffering in the world - the endless wars and conflict, the poverty, the killing.

And then there is the issue of what exactly to say. There is a lot of speculation and disagreement within our ranks as what "works" (i.e., gets Whites to see and accept the reality we face). Some people think that we should take it easy and focus on "so-and-so" and not mention some other issue or group. Some think "propaganda" should be kept simple and mindless. Some think we should use a hard core religious approach, while others think God should be kept out of it entirely. Some think we should really focus on the negative behavior of Blacks. Others think that we should focus on the positive aspects of White Western civilization and avoid saying any "bad" things about non-Whites. Still others think we should totally rebel from all forms of "Political Correctness" and be as crude as possible and really let the N-word fly.

My own approach here is to be direct, upfront, explicit and honest. If some people can't handle that, then they can always back away, think about what they read, and just try to take in those parts that they can handle. But at least they will knooooowww because somebody had the heart to tell them. Furthermore, there will come a time for mindless propaganda for the masses, but what we need now are people who can think for themselves, accept reality, and who care about the future of their world. From these ranks the leaders and saviors of tomorrow will arise. The most valuable people today are those who can think independently, yet still be able to work together for a greater cause, not a herd of mindless sheep, nor individuals who care only about themselves. Dr. Greg Johnson's excellent article, "Premature Populism", discusses why we need to build an elite core before we can hope to win over the more general population.

So, I'm sorry if what is written here comes as a shock. In consolation, know that most of us here went through our own unsettling awakenings from The Matrix.

A Warning About Jewish Tactics

There is something else to know about the Jews. They don't run from groups opposed to them, but try to infiltrate them. No kidding. Then, once they get inside a group, they try to rot it from the inside out either by radicalizing it until good people are appalled by it, by moderating it until it becomes meaningless, or by sowing the seeds of internal confusion, disagreement and chaos. So, keeping Jews out of pro-White groups is a full time job. As a result, it's tough to trust anybody - most "Blacks" on Stormfront are probably Jews and there are many Jews here who pretend they are pro-White Gentiles so as to gather information or cause trouble. However, it can be fun trying to "spot the Jew". (Hint: They don't generally like to acknowledge or talk about the Jewish problem and they often like to spread "hate" and cause arguments in order to drive away decent folks.)

Be aware that Whites have many innate weaknesses that are exploited against us, often by infiltrators posing as one of us. One especially chronically serious weakness of Whites is a tendency toward petty disagreements and infighting over matters that are relatively trivial compared to the surreal racial crisis we face. Fault lines include religion, nationality, politics, social class and gender. Every White person involved in this cause has a duty to behave in a professional manner and to try to refrain from infighting. Be aware that Stormfront, and most other pro-White organizations for that matter, have taken an increasingly strict stance against infighting, personal attacks, acting crazy/like an idiot/jerk, behaving in an excessively negative or defeatist manner, constantly yelling/screaming/carrying-on about this-that-or-the-other, and/or advocating violence or other illegal activities. Failure to heed this warning can result in banishment, and rightly so. In short, be good!


The Nature of the Problem

It is the genes themselves that construct the very character of the societies in which they thrive. Every nation rises or sinks according to its genes. Over time, genes override every advantage or impediment. Human genes can make nations with the poorest of resources rich, or the richest poor. They can inspire great universities or make ruins where greatness stood. They can erect tyranny over once free men or resurrect freedom from the worst of oppression. Social structures created by race can be imposed on another, but in time the genes, if preserved, will assert themselves. The power of the gene is the source of space travel or of squalor, of civilization or the jungle.
-- Dr. David Duke, My Awakening, Chapter 10, "Race History"

In a nutshell, the problem with humanity is not so much one of ideology - this or that religious, political, social, or economic system - but rather one of blood. That is, that a great deal (possibly 90% or more) of a person's intelligence and character is determined by their DNA, which determines the structure of their brain before they are born. This is why Blacks, as a group, do the things they do. This is why Sweden, despite being "socialist" (a system which we, in America, are told often leads to economic stagnation), is a far better place to live than, say, "capitalist" (a system which we are told should always lead to economic prosperity) Nigeria. Of course, it is true that bad political/economic systems can ruin a country with otherwise "good" people (e.g., communist Russia), but if the genetics of a people are "bad" it's pretty much hopeless regardless of the political/economic system (e.g., Africa). This is not to say that all Whites are "good", or that all Blacks are "bad". And it is true that social programs can teach Blacks and help them to some extent.

However, in the long term, the quality of life of a nation is almost entirely determined by the quality of the mental character of the average person. Exceptional individuals do not refute this rule, but rather are living proof of it - after all, that is why they are considered to be so exceptional in the first place.

If Blacks or Mexicans or "Browns" from the Middle East become a majority, then they will not be able to maintain the White man's social, cultural and economic systems because they do not have the minds needed to do so. Most Whites in the United States already know what happens when too many Blacks get together in a community, city or country - they "pull themselves down". So, as the United States and Europe are flooded with Browns and Blacks, eventually the quality of life in these once great lands will become like that of the Third World regardless of the social/economic/political system. And, not to be "racist", but we Whites can't have that. That's not fair to us and our families. I know it isn't "fair" of the world for Blacks to have to be born with such a "civilizational disadvantage", but the first rule in wanting to help someone is that you don't become like them. Nobody is going to help the United States and Europe if our people fall to a Third World status.

Thus, our prime directive - the 14 words - "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children". We want an area(s) on the Earth (and/or perhaps states in the US) that are reserved for Whites, and Whites only, where we can live in peace apart from the horrors of the Third World and other races who would do us harm. Our children deserve to be able to live in a First World European civilization among their own kind, as our ancestors did, and we owe that to them. This is the basic principle of "White Nationalism" (WN).

This is what we want.

Now, the attentive reader may wonder at how the situation has gotten as grave as it has. How could people have become so detached from reality to believe the delusion of racial equality? Why would anyone in their right mind allow immigration from places like Iraq, Somalia and Mexico into the United States and Europe?

Which brings us to the terrible truth of the "Jewish problem".

It was the Jews.

The Jews have been working together behind the scenes to gain control of all the TV stations, schools, newspapers, radio stations, governments, movie studios, banks, etc. - an all encompassing "Matrix" of lies - to destroy all potential rival groups and rule the world. And they are very close to achieving it. They managed to get our people's heads so far up their butts that Whites think that allowing millions of Third Worlders into the US and Europe will somehow "improve" those lands with "diversity" and economic prosperity.

The origin of the problem with the Jews is, once again, in the blood. As a group, a distinctive race, they suffer from psychopathy - a mental disorder whose main symptom is the ability to lie like there is no tomorrow without any empathy for people unlike themselves. Furthermore, they are able to organize and work collectively as a group based on this trait. They seem to be able to talk entire nations into believing just about anything they want. That is the little secret to their success. And, yes, our people bear a large part of the blame for believing and trusting them in the first place. Not to mention the embarrassingly large number of fools, traitors and cowards within the ranks of Whites.

I don't know what to tell Christians who are upset at the true nature of those who claim they are "The Chosen". There is some evidence that the Bible warns of this problem:

"Abraham is our father," they answered.

"If you were Abraham's children," said Jesus, "then you would do the things Abraham did. As it is, you are determined to kill me, a man who has told you the truth that I heard from God. Abraham did not do such things. You are doing the things your own father does."

"We are not illegitimate children," they protested. "The only Father we have is God himself."

Jesus said to them, "If God were your Father, you would love me, for I came from God and now am here. I have not come on my own; but he sent me. Why is my language not clear to you? Because you are unable to hear what I say. You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. Yet because I tell the truth, you do not believe me! Can any of you prove me guilty of sin? If I am telling the truth, why don't you believe me? He who belongs to God hears what God says. The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God."
-- John 8:39-47

Some White Nationalists subscribe to a theory that the Jews of today are not the same people as the ancient Israelites. In particular, those who belong to the Christian Identity (CI) church believe that Whites, or at least some subset of them, were the real ancient Israelites with the modern day "Jews" being imposters. If being a member of the "true Chosen" is your cup of tea, then you can see what they have to say in the Christian Identity forums. Other Christians believe that the time for Jewish salvation through conversion has long since past, but may have been valid when the New Testament was written. Still others, such as myself, view the problem as being more medical than theological. I don't know what interpretation mainstream Christians need to find in the Bible, I only know that we Whites cannot continue as we have been doing lest we destroy ourselves and bring hell on Earth. Those who are religious, or at the other end of the spectrum, religiously agnostic/atheistic, can see many different points of view (some saner than others) in the theology section.

It is true that it is not all Jews who are actively causing the problem and some are even trying to help, but history has shown that the psychopathic Jewish elite becomes increasingly hostile, radical and bold until they bring disaster upon the entire tribe. See Dr. William Pierce's articles "Seeing the Forest" and "The Scorpion and the Frog", as well as Dr. David Duke's Stormfront thread on this topic, and Andrew Hamilton's "Why Do They Hate Us?" for more information on why the Jews as a group do what they do.

Originally Posted by David Duke View Post
The truth is that you don't have to understand why the Jews as a group do what they do. All you have to understand is that they DO IT.

All you have to see is the 3,000 years of Jewish actions against non-Jews. All you have to look at is the tens of millions of our men women and children murdered by the Jewish Bolsheviks or the tens of millions of our people slaughtered in Jewish driven wars. All you have to see is the Jewish leadership in every collective poison destroying our people.

Freudianism, Boasism, Bolshevism, Porn, Drugs, Sexual Degeneracy, Race-mixing, Radical Feminism, Massive non-White immigration to White Nations. White self-hate, Zio Bankersterism and the zioFED, and of course ZIOwars and ZioIsrael. And of course the Ziomedia which promotes all of these genocidal actions.

This tiny, malevolent tribe has supported every one of these mortal ills. Are you not aware of this fact?

Did I really have to list them here?

The final metaphor I can offer you is one I have been using quite a bit.

The Terminator.

In the film, the human fighter explains to the woman he is trying to protect, a woman who can't understand this creature trying to kill her,....

"You must understand. You cannot reason with it, you can't negotiate with it, it has no empathy for you or your unborn child. It will keep on coming until you and all your kind are destroyed."

Europeans for centuries just couldn't understand the real nature of the Ziomites. For two thousand years in western civilization, even from the time of the Greeks and the Romans, our reasonable and kind-hearted people have been trying to make Europeans out of Jews and give them a European mentality.

The Greeks got paid back for their kindness and tolerance by being massacred in Jerusalem along with those Jews who assimilated with them.

That massacre is called Hanukkah and is still celebrated by Jews nearly at the same time as Christians celebrate the love, peace and goodwill of Christmas. And the fact that the symbol of this genocidal celebration is put up in front of the White House while Christian symbols such as the cross or manger scene are now banned, shows their supremacy over us.

Many people on this forum say that we are responsible for our own demise. That we should blame ourselves and not the Jewish genociders.

In one way they are right.

We do have one overriding flaw.

That flaw, the one that literally has put us on the edge of extinction, is our seeming inability to recognize clearly the mortal enemy that the Jewish race has been to our very existence.
Why have they [Jews] been kicked out of virtually every country in Europe during the past thousand years: out of England and Spain and Portugal and France and Sweden and Germany and a dozen other countries and told never to come back, only to sneak back in and then be kicked out again? The Jews will tell you that it was Christian bigotry. But Christian bigotry cannot explain why the Egyptians threw them out of Egypt more than a thousand years before Christ, and it cannot explain why the pagan Greeks and Romans hated them. I used to wonder about these things. And even after I began to suspect that the socially and racially destructive activities of the Jews were planned and deliberate, I didn't know why. It didn't make sense to me that the Jews would deliberately seek to destroy a society in which they were riding high -- that they would deliberately drill holes in the bottom of a boat in which they were passengers. I couldn't figure it out - until I understood the nature of the Jews.
One aspect of the Jewish problem which adds to the difficulty many people have in coming to grips with it is that the Jews are not just a scheming and sinister kehillah of adult male media bosses. They are a complete community, with women and children and many members on the fringes: part-Jews, dissidents, and so on - even a few anti-Jewish Jews. There are approximately six million Jews in the United States, by their own count, and they can't all be film studio owners or newspaper publishers or promoters of "rap" music or Hollywood scriptwriters. Most of them live and work in a way which gives them relatively little personal opportunity for damaging our society. They are simply teachers and businessmen and merchants and lawyers and doctors, earning a living more or less like everyone else - but not quite.

You must back off a bit in order to see the forest rather than just the trees. The essential thing about the forest is that it is destroying our world. It is a parasitic forest. It is injecting spiritual and cultural poison into our civilization and into the life of our people and sucking up nutrients to enrich itself and grow even more destructive. Perhaps only 10 per cent of the trees in this Jewish forest have roots deep enough to inject their poison into us, and the other 90 per cent play only supporting roles of one sort or another. It is still the whole forest which is our problem. If the forest were not here we would not have had to endure the curse of Bolshevism. If the forest were not here America would not be growing darker and more degenerate by the year. It is the whole forest, not just a few of the most poisonous trees in it, which must be uprooted and removed from our soil if we are to become healthy again.

The essential point again is this: not every Jew has a leading role in promoting the evils which are destroying us, and not every person is a Jew who is collaborating with the leading Jews who are promoting evil, but it is only because the Jews as a whole are among us that the evils they always promote are overwhelming us. If the Jews were not present we could overcome the evil men of our own race. The evil men of our own race may seek their own profit at the expense of the rest of us, but they do not seek to destroy our race. Only the Jews seek that.
-- Dr. William Pierce, "Seeing the Forest "

Please note that, although Jews do have a large number of organizations dedicated to advancing their group interests, it is not necessary for some vast "conspiracy" or hierarchy to direct Jews to undermine our civilization. As WN author Hereward Lindsay wrote, it comes quite naturally to them:

The Rothschilds are not the masterminds of a Jewish conspiracy.

Nor is it necessary that there be a hidden hand directing Jewish depredations against Europeans.

The average Jew does not need to be directed and micromanaged by the Learned Elders of Zion.

Jews are perfectly capable on an individual basis of knowing what needs to be done for their community to flourish and triumph. They know it as easily as many of our readers know what things benefit, and what things hurt, the White Christian European community.

Jews instinctively fear and feel threatened by nationalistic, particularistic societies.

They know that when societies enjoy a robust, patriotic self-confidence, there is little scope for Jewish advancement and control.

Elizabethan England, Renaissance Florence, Periclean Athens and Siglo de Oro Spain are all examples of societies in which by definition the scope of Jewish activity in commerce, culture and government would necessarily be dramatically confined.

In any such society the chances that there would be, for instance, two foreign-born Jews in one generation serving as Secretary of State and controlling foreign policy (I am referring, of course, to Henry Kissinger and Madeline Albright) would be zero. In any of these four examples of patriotic, self-confident societies the Kissingers and the Albrights would have as little chance to rise to control of the country's foreign policy as a Scottish Presbyterian or Spanish Catholic would of taking charge of the Foreign Office of the State of Israel.

The Kissingers and Albrights would ineluctably be squeezed out and marginalized. Instead of directing foreign policy of the entire nation, they would be pressing pants in a laundry - just as their coreligionist Leon Trotsky did in Brooklyn until the Russian Revolution opened up vast and new opportunities to him and others similarly situated not available to them in the bad old days of pre-war Europe.

No one needs to explain to Kissinger or Albright or to any Jew living, say, in the small town South what policies endanger Jews and their interests and what policies benefit them.

Jews favor multi-ethnic, divided, demoralized, degenerate societies as instinctively as bees build beehives.

And this is the core of the problem.

If you think these, admittedly disturbing, accusations against Jews are bad, I'm afraid it gets worse:
  1. The United States and Europe are being flooded with tens of millions of Third Worlders who are having a lot of kids. Soon, White people will soon lose control of the countries their ancestors founded. Many Whites think this is OK as long as the immigrants work. Oh, really? Are the immigrants going to vote? Are they going to intermarry Whites? Are they going to try to recreate the failed societies from which they came from?
  2. The United States, at a cost of several trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives, went to war with Iraq (and threatens to do so with Iran) for Israel, not for weapons or oil, but solely for Israel, for the Jews.
  3. The Federal Reserve central bank, which controls and issues all the money in the United States, is a privately owned corporation (no joke) to which all Americans and their government are heavily in debt because they have to pay interest on all the money in circulation - money that was created out of nothing at all by this corporation. This type of sick "debt-based" monetary system is also used throughout Europe, as well as most of the rest of the world.
  4. Nowhere are these important issues seriously discussed in the mainstream media.
And think about that! That's how sick our world has become.

And this is why most American White Nationalists oppose the Republicans as well as the Democrats. Almost all mainstream parties, in the United States as well as Europe, are filled with dirty little puppets, and thus, are anti-White traitors. The Jews make sure that it is almost impossible for "good", or at least non-treasonous, people such as Ron Paul, to win elections. To win an election these days, a candidate pretty much has to demonstrate that they are ready, willing and able to betray their country to the Jewish supremacists. That is how someone like Obama, who never accomplished anything significant in his life except smooth talking, can get such good media coverage and go on to win the presidency. It's all a "dog and pony" show.

If Jews are in a subordinate or equal position in a society, they relentlessly strive to obtain dominance, a process in which various painful and destructive "Isms" (e.g., communism, radical feminism, counter-culture revolutions, globalism, etc.) are unleashed on the society in order to undermine the social order. However, once Jews do obtain dominance, they then inevitably use their power to inflict ever increasing harm (e.g., Third World immigration, race mixing, economic disorder, cultural and educational destruction, etc.) on those whom they have power over. As Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism, wrote in Der Judenstaat (The Jewish State), "When we sink, we become a revolutionary proletariat, the subordinate officers of all revolutionary parties; and at the same time, when we rise, there rises also our terrible power of the purse" (source). This is their biological nature. The only "final solution" to the Jewish problem is for Jews and Whites to live apart from each other. And in fact, this was the entire purpose of Herzl's advocacy of the modern state of Israel. This does not necessarily mean that people have to be hurt or persecuted, but it does mean that Jews will have to live apart with their own kind, and likewise for Whites, because, if we continue on the current course, one group will eventually destroy the other.

A Note to Blacks and Other non-Whites

It really is surprising how well "racist" and "anti-Semitic" Whites can agree with their "racist" and "anti-Semitic" Black (and other non-White Gentile) counterparts. For example, Stormfront members often find that they agree with something "controversial" the Rev. Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam has said. In fact, let it be admitted here that the world would be a much better place if more Whites had the ability to speak out against the Jewish supremacists like Rev. Farrakhan does. Although pro-Black and pro-White groups may disagree as to the merits, potential, proper social organization, and shortfalls of their respective races, there is a large common ground in the area of stopping the oppression of other races (including efforts to remake them into this-that-or-the-other), the long history of the Jewish supremacists in oppressing and harming non-Jews, and the right of self-determination of the people of all races to pursue, create and live in the respective type of society that works best for them.

History has now clearly shown that the exploitation and oppression of one race by another, or even merely in the quest for the cheap labor of a different race or ethnic group, enriches only a few elite individuals at the loss and expense of everyone else, and ultimately destroys the entire society through the massive social costs needed to maintain the increasingly unstable multiracial system, as well as fostering weakness in the classes who quickly become dependent on the labor of others.

It turns out that with the exploitative banking system, the endless wars and foreign aid to Israel, the hostile control of the media, and the genocidal immigration policies, all of us Gentiles - White, Black and Mestizo - really have been, to no small extent, living on the global plantation of the Jewish supremacists. We want, and are entitled to, our freedom from this Leviathan.

If Jews have a right to their ethnostate, Israel, then Whites have a right to a country of their own, free of foreign and alien control of its centers of power, and so do Blacks.

It must be conceded that pro-White groups generally do put forth a good bit of material that "paints" Blacks and other non-Whites in a negative light. However, please bear in mind that more knowledgeable White Nationalists do understand that Blacks are not the root cause of the growing ills of our society. How could they possibly be? After all, it is not Blacks who control the media, the banks, the government, or the other centers of power in Western society. However, it is easier to use the more obvious example of Blacks as a first step to point out to Whites the reality of racial differences, with the ultimate goal of hopefully getting them to see and understand the Jewish problem, which is a much more difficult concept for them.

If you wish to learn more about Black racial consciousness and the Jewish problem, the following are highly recommended:
  1. The Website of the Nation of Islam Research Group, particularly their store with notable books such as The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews.
  2. The Blacks and Jews Website, especially the section about Dr. Tony Martin and his book, The Jewish Onslaught which described how he was attacked for telling the truth about the large Jewish involvement in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. There is a DVD, Tactics of Organized Jewry in Suppressing Free Speech, of a speech Dr. Martin gave about this experience to the Institute of Historical Review (IHR). 
  3. Dr. David Duke's Jewish Supremacism is an excellent and enjoyable read even for non-White Gentiles.
  4. Blackconsciousness Online is radical and somewhat crude, but is an honest look at how many Blacks feel about living in a "White" society. The NubianTimes , which obviously is the result of a lot of work and dedication on the part of its authors, can be especially informative and entertaining. Whites would do well to learn that their vision of how a society should be run is not generally shared by other races. (Note: In the NubianTimes, the term "Negro" means a Black person who wants to live in White society. "No Negroes Allowed! * Security Tight!" Boo!)

Respectable Pro-White Groups and Organizations

Here are some recommended respectable pro-White groups and organizations (apologies to any good pro-White groups that I did not list):

David Duke - is perhaps the greatest pro-White leader and advocate. In addition to his books and news site, he publishes The Duke Report newsletter.

European Unity and Rights Organization (EURO) - a pro-White group founded by David Duke.

European Americans United (EAU) - is a new pro-White group focusing on the positive aspects of European civilization and the need for high moral standards. Their news site is Western Voices World News.

The American Third Position - (A3P) A New American political party which aims to further the interests of White Americans, in contrast to the increasingly corrupt Democratic and Republican parties which have now become hostile or indifferent to the White middle class.

American Renaissance - This professional pro-White organization, news site and newsletter focuses on the problems of Blacks, Mexicans, etc., but avoids discussing the Jewish problem as Jews are allowed and encouraged to become members.

The National Policy Institute - is a pro-White political activist organization.

The Occidental Quarterly - is a very high quality academic journal dedicated to the advancement of White Western civilization. They also produce an editorial news site The Occidental Observer.

Bob Whitaker - in addition to writing several books, Bob actively maintains a website and blog dedicated to political strategy and debate tactics. No stranger to politics, Bob served in the Reagan administration in charge of civilian security clearances.

The Council of Conservative Citizens - is a major pro-White conservative organization. They produce a very high quality quarterly newspaper called The Citizen's Informer.

The Institute for Historical Review - concentrates on historical revisionism as well as current events and foreign policy.

The Political Cesspool Radio Show - a weekly populist, conservative and pro-White commentary program which can be listened to online.

The Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE) - run by pro-White activist Paul Fromm, CAFE is dedicated to preserving free speech rights for Whites.

European Pro-White Parties - too many to list all of them here, but the better known ones include The British National Party and France's Front National Party.

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